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Quote Of The Week

“The important thing for you to remember is that it does not matter in the least how you got the idea or where it came from. You may never have met a professional hypnotist. You may never have been formally hypnotized. But if you have accepted an idea – from yourself, your teachers, your parents, friends, advertisements, from any other source – and further, if you are firmly convinced that idea is true, it has the same power over you as the hypnotist’s words have over the hypnotized subject.”

– Maxwell Maltz

NOT ME! I would never be hypnotized!!! REALLY???

I will be bold here and say that you have more than likely had a spell cast on your mind from an early age. A spell of a religious flavor. A parent or a authority figure drilled into your mind that the world is ending soon and you swallowed it up… You were given a fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The world is evil, therefore a good God is coming soon to take His good people out and kill all the evil people. Of course that is a lie, but many people were conditioned to believe it and thus is stands today as truth in the mind of many people.

In my childhood a popular teaching in the church was one of great fantasy! We were taught that heaven was a literal place that was 1,500 miles square. This literal city would one day orb down out of the universal abyss and hover over earth. All the saved people would go to this cube in the sky to live and all the evil people would be banished to remain on earth. Did you ever hear that one? Lots of fantasy mixed with reality to confuse the listener. This is how religious hypnotism works. Once you believe part of the grand fantasy it becomes easier for the teacher to continue the hypnotism.

Later on in my life I began to explore these teachings and found them to be flawed in many ways. Why would our eternal spirit need a physical place? Why would God create certain humans that were going to be evil in the end and then be obliged to roast them for all of eternity?

It took awhile and many teachers to break the hypnotic state from me. I am so thankful that I was able to bust loose.

Is there a heaven? Yes, there is a heaven or kingdom of God inside of me. Will we be roasted on this globe is we don’t turn from our wicked way? No, the spirit or eternal portion of a person cannot burn in a physical flame. Is there a creator of all things? Yes, there is a divine consciousness. Are we a part of the divine consciousness? Yes, you and your creator are ONE.

Why tell you that you are hypnotized?

It is my desire that you be free from all struggle and pain. We can massage our psychic system back into a growing flexible system. The old religious psychic system is rigid, restricted, and stiff.

There are million reasons to put first the Kingdom of God inside of your thinking!

Imagine your life free from all hypnotic error! A place where sin, sickness, and lack no longer exist. A life where you don’t have to “earn” the perfect existence! You can have it. You can live free from regret. You can live free from all shame. You can have all spells broken off of your mind. You can have the transformed mind!!!


  1. Revisit the words of Christ and look into the spiritual meaning.
  2. Start living in the present life filled with God’s love and not from stale church doctrines.
  3. Be faithful to the design of love to God, others and yourself.

New life is yours…free from the mesmerism of false religion if you will give up your old imaginations about God and truth. Walk each day in the path of LIFE, LOVE, and LIBERTY in JOY, PEACE, and RIGHTEOUSNESS!


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-Rob Schreckhise / Author of The Great You.