Why Many Christians Are Not Going To Church


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul

Why Many Christians Are Not Going To Church

– Many Christians are not going because they got offended or hurt somehow by people in the church gatherings. I’m not addressing those people in this particular blog. 

– The Christians that are happy and have found a deeper walk in the spirit than what traditional church settings offer are the ones that we are speaking unto and encouraging here with these 21 steps to Spiritual Awakening.

Twenty One Steps to Spiritual Awakening

Here is the profession of how I became more awakened in the Holy Spirit. 

  1. Begin To FEEL there was something more

  2. Got really Confused

  3. Got Angry

  4. Began to Analyze everything I believed

  5. Started APPLYING all that I had learned

  6. A deep Appreciation came upon me

  7. Renewed Hunger for spiritual truths

  8. Tried to CONVERT everyone to my current belief system

  9. Got lifted up in PRIDE

  10. Started to ARGUE with everyone about their lack of understanding

  11. My actions brought on much DIVISION in the body of Christ

  12. Found myself ISOLATED

  13. Felt constant SADNESS

  14. Was completely BORED with everything in life

  15. Got a RESTART (Thank The Father!)

  16. Could feel HUMILITY

  17. For the first time was able to truly have COMPASSION

  18. My spiritual AWARENESS matured

  19. MYSTERIES were opened more and more to me about the spirit

  20. I finally begin to see the UNITY of all of humanity

  21. The last step was understanding that I AM LOVE

Constant Growth!

Waking up is awesome and the constant growth in the spirit is so fulfilling. We never stop growing after we wake up!

It always gets better!

I can assure you it gets better and better with each step you take. This is a walk of faith that can be realized in day by day experiences. People will begin to notice that you are changing with each passing step. There is a wisdom and maturity that will begin to show out from your countenance. Love the ride, love God, others and yourself! 

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor.

-Rob Schreckhise


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