The unseen man is hidden from the senses of the body for a good reason. There must not be confusion between the two worlds. If the unseen and the seen became visible to one another then the confusion would leave everything in chaos. This veil is in place between the two realms to keep the spiritual things untouched by the physical things. The spiritual is of a material that will not decay nor be destroyed. The outer shell or physical things are made up of matter that is quantifiable by the senses of man. To prove the unseen, you first establish the seen. Touch your skin, and understand that you exist in the material world. Then ask yourself this question, “Do I have a force that makes this body come to life?” If you admit there is a force then we can continue to reveal the unseen man of spirit.

This force that makes our shell come alive is the unseen man. This is important to know about. In knowing about the unseen man, you can train him to become mature in knowledge and understanding of the universe. In our infancy we are creatures of sense. There is an impulse to grow in senses of body, mind and soul. We are shaped then by the influences around us in our life. Our parents begin to instruct us how to conduct our life in the world of the seen. We learn how to speak for the sake of communication. We learn the necessities of life from watching how other people conduct their life. If we have been blessed to have parents who understand about the unseen world, they also taught us about that world. Those youth that were born unto parents who have no knowledge of the unseen world, are missing the training of the realm that governs everything we see with our senses.

Sooner or later we all come to the great question that arises between the believer and the unbeliever. The believer maintains that every human being who is in sound mental and moral condition, has a spirit and a soul, intuitive perception of the truth. The believer promotes the idea that we are all born from a higher power than ourselves. They teach that we have gained our consciousness from the power of heaven to live on this earth in a supernatural power, with the ability to rule above every other animal and thing. They teach that we must yield our personal senses to the unseen man inside, if we desire to live our lives in an overcoming fashion.

The unbeliever cares not for any of the unseen talk. They contend that the senses of the body are our only trustworthy guides and that our senses are qualified to judge, not only outward objects, but also inward. They don’t discount the unseen completely, they simply believe it is governed by the outward senses which are given by the genetics of our physical parents.

Which one of these two do you think is correct?

I really don’t want to rally to one side or the other here in this book. My desire is to show the power of how we are all connected inwardly, which will produce an outward action of unity. We should all be able to come to the common ground that we exist in physical form and that the form has a life to it that makes us different from the rock that is sitting quietly beside the driveway. To agree here in this sense, we can agree to call the unseen man, “life.”

Your real life is unseen but made known by the deeds that you do. The deeds that a culture performs become the manifestation of the culture’s unseen values. These values are then what will govern the nation as a whole. In other words, the health of the unseen man is what will determine the future of a particular nation. This is how powerful the unseen man is to everyone. He may be unseen to the natural thinker, but he is in full swing of influence to everyone he meets. That is why it is deep calling to deep in every culture known to man. We must cultivate healthy growth in the unseen portion of our beings to ever realize a healthy change and growth in the natural realm we experience in our physical bodies.

This unseen man is the power of Adam in our lives. We are all made of the same substance. We are all made up of life-giving organisms. This is how we are all connected together for the betterment of humanity at large. To live as if there is no unseen portion of you is cutting yourself off from the power surge of the whole energy of humanity. You can make it on your own without plugging into the rest of us each day, but it is not the most rewarding life nor will it be easy. Tapping into the well-spring of energy of the unseen is what gives us the impetus to create and grow larger each day.

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