Do you ever feel sad or sadness and don’t know why?

Let’s turn the light on the subject for a moment and hopefully help you.

Sadness can come from circumstances in your life or perceived cultural biases against you. I will not address that form of sadness in this blog. Those forms of sadness are most often easy to recognize.

The form of sadness not understood is the sadness that a person experiences without any external reason for it. You know it is that person who seems to have everything including good health and gets hit often with sadness. No good reason, they just know that they have it.

Lets be clear here, I’m not talking about occasional despondency, I’m talking severe sadness with crying for no apparent reason. When I mean no apparent reason, you are not dealing with hormone imbalance or any qualifiable, documentable source of your sadness.

Unknown sadness is an emotional feeling that has come upon you uninvited and unwanted.

I will give you a proven method  on how to get rid of it.

First step is to find a place of quiet and sit down in a comfortable position. Breathe in a deep breath through your nose and hold it as you THINK these two sentences; I am present, I am here right now. Let the air out as forcefully as you can out of your mouth. This will couch you in the present and everything around you should become more vibrant. Actually you need to learn this simple technique to use anytime you are overwhelmed and need to be centered again. It will instantly place you in perfect balance between your fight or flight instinct.

After you are present I want you to gain this UNDERSTANDING, your spirit person doesn’t get happy or sad. The outward shell you live within at this time is where the sadness is located. To leave the external feelings and go inward is a matter of meditation.

Second step is to meditate on the perfected eternal being that you are inside. Your true self has never made a mistake nor will ever make a mistake. Your pure spirit is made in the image and likeness of the force that has created the galaxies. You are a pure light of wholeness inside without any error. Shut down your mind and simply know that you are everything that is good. You are in the exact moment of time that you are supposed to be living in.

You should meditate until the understanding of your true self is realized or materialized in your consciousness fully and there is no doubt.

Third step is to stand up and SAY, “Thank you Heavenly Father that I am free from unknown sadness now. I APPRECIATE my freedom”

This is called Christ-centered treatment. The Christ within is given the glory for elevating you above unwanted feelings imposed upon us from sources known and unknown. Allow your obedience to Christ to help and heal you over and over again until you no longer have any residual sadness.

This process works! If for some reason you have used this treatment numerous times and the process hasn’t brought you complete release after a few days, call us at 1(888) 215-2146 ext 3 and leave us a message. We can assist you over the phone to come into the proper FRAME of being to live your life full and free from unknown sadness.


Rob Schreckhise