Touching Jesus

Jesus had just returned, people welcomed him; they had all been waiting for him. As he walked, even as a very important man implored him to come to his house and heal his daughter, the crowds pressed against him.

Amongst the crowd, there was a woman.

She must have been weak, perhaps even faint, for you see, she had a hemorrhage, a hemorrhage that had plagued her for 12 years. She somehow pushed her way through the crowd and got close enough to touch him. In that very second, the instant that her hand touched the fringe of his cloak, her hemorrhage stopped. Jesus immediately knew that he had been touched, for he was aware that power had gone out of him.

Isn’t it something that that the crowed was pressed around him, indicating he was being touched, possibly even jostled about, but not really intentionally touched? Not until one who was intent on touching him did so.

I believe the enemy of our soul is no outward force, but the thoughts and imaginations we allow to take preeminence in our lives. I can see this poor woman sick for so long, not receiving healing from any of the doctors she had seen.

She had been told, “there’s no cure,” “we cannot find the cause of your illness.” For years now, it was inevitably seared into her thoughts that she would never feel good. She would just have to live with it until it eventually claimed her very life. I don’t know about you, but, when I am not feeling well, I tend to focus on my symptoms, so I believe for 12 years her “enemy” told her there was no hope.

I picture in my mind that the crowd she had to fight through were her thoughts, the self-incriminations, thoughts of unworthiness, thoughts of simple acceptance of less than abundant life. And when she finally, with all her strength, reached through the enemy’s lies, she touched him. She really touched him. Jesus never acknowledged that crowd, her enemy, he didn’t even notice them, but when she broke through, he took notice of her, and the automatic response was immediate healing.

The psalmist wrote in Psalms 23:
You prepare a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

May we all live in the place that even when our enemies, our own thoughts and limitations, are plaguing us, we can reach through, touch Jesus, receive his healing power and have the peace to be able to sit and dine at the table he has prepared.

-Leslie Schreckhise