A Commandment of Happiness

Maybe you have never heard of the eleventh commandment or the 4th state of water, but these things are very important to your happiness! Ok, I made up the fact that there is an eleventh commandment. However, I didn’t make up the part about the 4th state of water. The jelly state of water which is between liquid and a solid is still being explored. Look it up and be amazed at how much there is to know about water. Water can actually morph inside your body to become H3O2! Crazy stuff goes on inside your body when you drink H2O. I personally believe that water will heal many of the afflictions that come into our lives. This is why I feel compelled to make up and write about the eleventh commandment.

Here is the eleventh commandment for you………..

Thou Shalt Drink Lots Of Water!

Why would I make that a commandment? Because without drinking enough water you will fall into the horrible place of chronic dehydration. Suppose you keep all of the ten commandments but get dehydrated to the point that you are full of physical disorders. What do I mean by disorders? Check out this chart from mercola.com


Can you see how important it is? Did you notice on the severe dehydration side, NO TEARS WHEN CRYING!? Do want to cry tearless cries? I don’t think so! Maybe Moses didn’t include it in the original commandments because everyone back in his day already knew to drink plenty of water to stay in the happy zone.

Examples of real people who I really know!

Recently a friend who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska told of her daughter being in much pain at school, so much pain that they ended up in the emergency room at the local hospital. They found her problem to be dehydration. Once they gave her IV she immediately began to feel better. They said she doesn’t drink enough water. Time to preach the 11th commandment!

A couple of months ago my aunt fainted and was rushed to the hospital for a two day stay. You want to guess what was wrong? Yep, dehydration. Hydrated her up and sent her home as good as new. She doesn’t drink enough water. Time to preach the 11th commandment!

Back in 1993 I was working at Spenard’s a building supply in Homer, Alaska and learned this lesson from a co-worker. My co-worker Bob was having severe back pains. After many visits to the chiropractor and local doctors they sent him to a specialist in Washington state. Want to guess what they found out? Yep, he wasn’t drinking enough water. They put him on a diet that included plenty of water daily and the pain was gone! Time to preach the 11th commandment!

This Is Spiritual Stuff People!

Is this post spiritual? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! To maintain a healthy and happy life you need to keep all the commandments including this one that I’ve made up for you. Drink your water. I actually wrote you a little poem to help you remember to obey the 11th commandment.

Drink your water and drink it well
If you don’t drink it, you’ll live in hell

So there you have it! The eleventh commandment for happy living. #11 – Thou Shalt Drink Lots Of Water. For the love of Pete drink you some filtered water, spring water and mineral water and be happy!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor,

Rob S.

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