Everything Has Shape

Every living thing has a unique form or shape to it. All of their outer attributes that we can see are representations of an inner design. The Tiger has great teeth and sharp claws, because it needs such weapons to fulfill its design and character. The lamb is altogether different and does not need sharp teeth and claws, having no fierce character. And so, the different animals differ in SHAPE, because they differ in CHARACTER.

Character Effects Shape

Our CHARACTER forms a shape to fulfill its purpose. In symbolic representation, the shape of a thing corresponds to its qualities of character. How can we know the character of a person? Simply look to their developed shape. This may sound ridiculous at first, but follow with me as I explain.

The Human Shape

Life inside us, as humans, is related obviously to the form and shape of our bodies. Our bodies are formed from the design of our inner life. The shape is the external effect to our bodies. The body and the shape of a human depend upon The Life. The eye is formed for seeing, and it is shaped so that it can see. The spirit of a human is a human body, and so it has a human shape.

Can Humans Change Shape?

Obviously we can modify our bodies to reflect what we internally want to express. You can go through many surgeries to shape your body, even change the appearance from a man to a woman or vice-versa. The question is then asked, what changed the person internally to make them want to shift the external? I believe it is rooted in the character of the individual. Character is HUGE in the development of a human!

Character – What’s That?

Human CHARACTER is the complex mental and ethical traits marking and individualizing a person. It is the main or essential nature of the person. Have you ever noticed the face of a person that is angry or hateful? Their face will reflect the shape of such character traits, hard and aggressive. In the Bible we read where many people would be compared to an animal because of their character traits. Jesus called Herod a fox. Jesus also called the religious leaders vipers. The mental design of a person will lead them to become under the influence of proper principles of God or under the spell of improper principles. Your character is developed from the beginning, even inside your mother’s womb. This character will then manifest in the outward shape of your life.

Be A Tiger Or A Lamb?

To live a peaceful life, develop the character traits of a peaceful person(lamb). These traits would be steeped in love, mercy and grace. Through thankfulness and giving you can develop a nature, the nature of Christ. Proper time spent in prayer and meditation with your Heavenly Father, you will develop a holy nature that will form an external shape of godliness. Joy, peace, and righteousness are qualities that the Holy Spirit infuses into the body of a person. That holy spirit within will then make a divine nature for the character of an individual to be formed. That my friends is the shape of happiness!

Can We Change The Shape Of Others?

We can influence people in positive ways to assist them in their character development, but we cannot reshape anyone. If a man has adopted a mental design that feels comfortable and is primarily feminine in design, you cannot argue him out of that. Once a person has crossed mental corridors and ethical principles of God, you must not try to reshape them by preaching to them about their decisions. Remember, you will be attacking their character and people will die defending their own perceived design.

What Can We Do?

First off, why do you want to do anything? If someone is inclined to shape their body into the body of a cat, why do you care? What difference does it make to you? We are not God, not the creator of humanity. I would suggest to simply love the person that is living contrary to your beliefs and live a life that reflects the shape of joy, peace, and righteousness. Example the character traits of a person aligned with the pure character of God. The proper traits of loving our neighbor as ourselves. Let us show the proper external shape of compassion for a person that has twisted the shape of human love and reproductivity. In other words, LOVE THE SPIRIT OF A PERSON regardless of the path that their mental and ethical bodies have taken. That is what we can do, and should do as the Shape of Christ on this earth.

– Pastor Rob Schreckhise