The Manger

I always loved the Christmas plays at church. I personally never got cast to play baby Jesus and lay in the manger, Joseph or any leading roles. I was one of the wise men or shepherds standing in the background. I was so shy in my younger years (I know you have a hard time believing that..) that I was content with being in the shadows.

It Never Made Sense

The story was cool and all, but it really was confusing to me. Why would this one they called the King of Glory come down and have to spend his first days on earth in The Manger? Seriously, God plans everything out from millenniums beforehand and forgets to book a room for Joseph and Mary at a Bethlehem motel??? Seems like an important thing to me. Attention galaxy, the son of God is coming complete with a star  to direct the way, but there isn’t reservations for a place to stay. Wow! No room in the Inn???

The Manger

The Answer

Why the Manger and not in the Inn? Here is what I think is the deeper meaning to the whole Christmas story. The messiah had to be born into the proper place. Prophecies had declared his birth city and we now know that he was born outside the comforts of the palace or even the best lodging in town. Let me tell you why. First of all Bethlehem in Hebrew is two words and means “house” (Beth as in Beth-el, “house of God”) and “bread” (lehem). The Hebrew language is read from right to left, and so Bethlehem is written like this: bread house. Jesus was the BREAD HOUSE, so how fitting right? The next issue is The Manger.

Rob Gets Mystical

Lets go deeper than just a wooden feed trough two thousand years ago. Let us look at the comparisons in the spirit. The Inn represents the lodging of the intellect. It is the highest place of dwelling for the person wishing to obtain notoriety. Socrates, Plato and Cicero all are examples of how humanity seeks the high place or dwelling of thinking. We have built thousands of institutions of higher learning for us to elevate our thinking into the places of the upper echelon. Jesus wasn’t born there. He could not be born in the thought processes of the human mind. Man can’t conceive the beauty of the savior born to us in the Bread House. Seriously, there is no room in the INN.

The Manger

The lowly place is the simple place of the heart. The manger or true feeding place of the soul is the heart. Jesus came there because that is where he will be understood and have the most impact in humanity.  That is why Jesus wasn’t afforded the comforts of the Inn, but was placed into The Manger. His dwelling place is not in your brain, he dwells in your heart. The Bread House came to the center of your soul to love you through the mechanism of faith. This is important because so many people today are trying to find him through some analytical connection. You will find him in a place that has easy access and is restful to even the lowest person in society.

Now You Know

I don’t feel bad for Mary and Joseph not finding a Ramada Inn. I know the wisdom of God has prevailed in every situation, even in the birth of The Bread House, in the Bread House. Christ the Savior was born in The Manger and will continue to follow that pattern to whosoever will allow him to come unto them. You don’t have to be that intelligent, you just need faith in the power and glory of God. The Holy Spirit will bring forth your redeemer within the atmosphere of love, inside your heart.

Much Love During This Christmas Season

Rob Schreckhise