Fred attended the butterfly conference and was so excited to hear once again how great it will be to someday be able to fly.

He was still a caterpillar but that did not stop him and all the others from getting excited about what would happen someday.

There were talks about how colorful they would become, ornate patterns on their wings.

Sessions on flying with the eagles! He loved it! He and his friends attended these meetings every year. However, this year he was missing his friend Steve. Steve had been going through some sorta transformation and wouldn’t be attending these conferences anymore.

Fred was concerned for Steve and requested prayer for his good caterpillar friend. Fred felt sorry for Steve, he seemed so isolated lately and it was like he was cocooned in a world of silence. Fred decided to buy Steve a book on how to make it through the struggles of caterpillar life.

Fred went on in to the conference where all the shouting and screaming about how one day we will be free to fly was being declared. Caterpillars were swaying under the mesmerizing preaching of “one day.”  The music hummed and the lights flashed! This was truly the apex of living for Fred.

Meanwhile overhead, Steve flittered around looking down on the crowd, wondering why they don’t just die to themselves and join him NOW.

Steve was reminded of the many talks that he and Fred had about new birth and fresh beginnings. Fred would get so excited but wouldn’t take the steps to death and transformation.

Steve just looked down and shook his tiny butterfly head and watched as the caterpillars danced around singing “one day we will fly.”

Steve felt a rush of wind and turned to follow the smell of fields of flowers and see worlds unknown…