“Every person, place or thing has a beginning, maybe undefinable, but it had to begin to be in existence.”

As simple as it sounds, the beginning of all things has not been a simple understanding for many high thinkers. I am talking about those people that have to prove that there is a God or that there isn’t a God. The debate really got fired up good during the time of a man named Charles Darwin. The argument of a “being” that is large enough to say,
“Let there be!”
Pitted against the theory that already formed matter somehow exploded and, BANG! We have organized galaxies, will continue as long as no one stops long enough to ask this question, “Where is the beginning of it all?”
Forget the creation vs. evolution debate and let us answer the “beginning” question. How did the atom begin? Where did the protons, neutrons and electrons get their birth? Actually let’s go deeper than that and ask, where did the three quarks that make up each neutron or proton begin? Wow, this is so deep and so mind-boggling, are you really wanting to carry the weightiness of knowing the answer to these questions?
The first atom to ever come into existence came by a thought. A divine thought known in some circles as The Word. That thought gave rise to a vibration or frequency which emitted an energy to create everything we see or ever will see. You may ask, where did the thought come from? To answer that question you must have the “key” to receive the answer. The “key” is called FAITH. We will talk more about faith a little later on in this book. Let’s just say for now that you must believe in an energy that gives life to all things. This energy began in a place before the thought process of any man’s mind. There has never been a man that we know of that knew how to think back to beginning point of energy itself. So, the age old argument of creation vs. evolution is all guess work and cannot be proven either way. The truth of the matter, no pun intended, is that it doesn’t matter. If you want to believe that God (pure energy, Spirit) spoke all things into existence, then do so. If you are of the group that wants to believe that matter “magically” appeared and then exploded into chaotic organization, that’s your prerogative my friend. However, we all have to agree that this galaxy we are living in, had to begin as well as everything within it. Agreed?

“The argument of how we began is eclipsed in the great fact that we did begin.”

Now that we have agreed on the concrete fact that everything has a beginning let us stand together looking forward into what we all know as “life” on this planet called earth. If you don’t agree that we had a beginning, then at least agree we are in existence now. If you will not agree to that, then agree that someday you will exist. If you will not agree to any of that, then you don’t exist in my world and cannot speak, hear, see or connect, thus you aren’t reading this book.
We began a long time ago in a format no one can define in a concrete way worthy of making it a controversial issue. All of humanity should be unified on the subject of beginning, except for those that don’t exist. We began!

This is the first part of Chapter One in AWAKEN THE CHRIST MIND.