When was the last time you stood in your tracks, looked around the room, and pondered how you got there? That is a pretty common event with a pretty simple answer. You walked into the room. Right? More than likely you were not moved there by an outside force. Although, that is possible. If you are ambulatory you most likely got there under your own power, and you will probably leave the room under you own power. Remembering the reason for going to the room well is a different matter.
“God why am I in this place? I have a $550.26 car payment. How did this happen?” You signed the note. “I can’t possibly continue making the payments with my current income.” Sell it, or get a different job. Life may not be as complicated as we sometimes think. Maybe it is really simple.
“I need the chair from the right side of the room moved to the left side, and Lord I have been praying for years that you would somehow miraculously in your infinite ability move the chair, or send someone to move the chair. You know what a blessing it would be for the chair to be on the left side of the room. Please Lord. Not my will but thine.”
Move the chair. I believe with all of my heart that if you are trapped on the left side of the room and you have no physical ability to move the chair and it is significantly important the chair be moved, God can move the chair for you. But most of the time if you want the chair moved, move the chair.
I have on several occasions after looking down at the instrument panel of my car found myself praying God would help me make it to the next station or home, and several, but not all, of those prayers he answered. When answering these kinds of prayers I don’t know whether God adds gas to the tank, helps increase the fuel efficiency of the car, or if he just allows the car to run by his divine intervention, regardless of how he choose to answer I am grateful for answered prayers. However, most of the time when the car needs gas I have to put gas in the tank.
I believe if you truly have a situation that you yourself cannot fix, solve, resolve, or do on your own then ask God. You have not because you ask not; otherwise, swat the fly.
Written by James E. Sanderson, Jr.