As a nonprofit organization, Mountain Eight Inc., relies on donors like you to help us maintain a ministry providing spiritual teachings, guides and tools and also to provide live teachings and personal spiritual coaching. All of which is in efforts to help create personal growth and happiness in everyones’ life. If you are a regular Mountain Eight follower, you already know the time, talent and effort we pour into our: Books, Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Live Teachings, Personal Growth Coaching, Love Has Hands Program to youth in the hospital and Funding of Orphanages.

Most of these resources and services we provide are free because of the pay-it-forward concept we put into effect for Mountain Eight.

There were others before you and even others before them that we have helped first(free) and then they payed-it-forward for the next person down the line to get our help for free as well.Your support allows us to be able to keep all of our resources and services free of charge as well as keeping this website Ad-Free!

Above and beyond covering all the costs of running a non-profit business you also help us to expand our vision to inspire personal growth and happiness. We appreciate any support(even $8) to help Mountain Eight’s progressive ministry to those in need of prayer and counseling. 


I hope you will consider making a one-time gift or a monthly contribution today. Thank you for your support!

-Pastor Rob Schreckhise


Founders, Pastor Rob and His Wife Leslie Marie

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