The Beginning

At the beginning of 2007 there was a divine council pulled together by the Holy Spirit. Over the course of that year we met almost every night for many hours of teaching and focused prayer. It eventually built a spiritual centrifuge that forever changed those involved. We came to the beginning of 2008 with an excitement for what God was going to do with us as a group. We spent many days in prayer and fasting preparing for what was to come. Our meeting place was shifted from Ft. Smith, Arkansas to a secluded place in Lamar, Arkansas. The great meetings were to last from January 7th, 2008 – January 11th, 2008. We watched and listened to many great things from the Holy Spirit during those days. The last and final day has become known as the “Commissioning.”

The Commissioning

God spoke to me the night before the last night of gathering and said to commission certain ones in the council and the group would be finished. I got up on the 11th of January somewhat confused, but certain of the word from the Lord. I did as I was instructed. It wasn’t received very well. One couple prayed about their commission and followed through with what I believed God had spoken. That couple is still married and has a beautiful ministry. Two other couples rejected what I had heard from God and are divorced and obviously not in ministry together. My wife and I was given a commission to North Pole, Alaska and have by the grace of God completed it.

What Now?

What does all that mean to myself or to anyone else now? I feel that now it is time to release the revelations that we gained from the year of constant prayer with the council and each year following. I would recommend my book called, Awaken The Christ Mind (available on Kindle and Amazon) for the basics of what we have seen thus far. We saw the reconciliation of all things back to God as well as the power of living in the “now.” There were so many prophecies given and fulfilled as well as many teachings revealed to us. Somewhere at the beginning of 2007 there was also simple words shown to us that would follow us even to this day. One of the words that was given to us was, “Suddenly.”


Let me explain it the best way that I can. You can look up the meaning in the dictionary if you would like, but its spiritual significance is much deeper than any definition I have been able to find on the Internet. It is faster than instantaneously, it is the speed of light. Meaning that everything you need is able to be right now, faster than your mind can assimilate the completion of the need. Suddenly, you are healed. The power of suddenly goes horizontally both behind your perception and in front of your perception. The Holy Spirit can suddenly correct everything above you in your consciousness and everything beneath you in your consciousness. This one word has so much power in the spirit that it can perfect everything in your whole life, faster than instantaneously!
Suddenly every mistake you have ever made is corrected. How can this be? It is because suddenly can go before the mistake and shift you from ever making the mistake. Yes, it makes it truthfully as if it never happened. It not only forgives and forgets, suddenly it just isn’t real. Suddenly your past and your future are all present in the perfected now. I hope you can see what we were able to see….suddenly all things are made perfect. Pray about the word “Suddenly” over the next few days and watch what will happen.
I pray that this helps you to be as happy as those that have lived this truth these last 8 years  

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor!

Rob S.