“Wake up, the Bible verses on social media are not working.”
-Rob Schreckhise

Can We Shine?

– Yes, we can shine as lights by living as lights! Your best witness to the world is to love life and demonstrate the power of life. 

– Should we debate our doctrines on social media in front of the whole world? NO!

3 Simple Things:

1. We all began at some point. Stop the nonsense of arguing of how we began and accept the fact that we did begin.

2. We are all human. As crazy as that sounds, some people are forgetting that simple truth and treating others as animals. We are human! Whether you believe in Christianity or not… you are a human!

3. We are all on this planet together. It is nonsense to argue over when this earth will end or what we will do after we die. We are all here NOW!

These three things will give us a baseline to come together to make the world a better place to live, work, and play!