Step One To Spiritual Awakening


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul

Get Saved or Wake UP?

– Getting “saved” is a religious positioning that removes the horror of finding yourself in hell after you die. You live a life free from all sin and are counted worthy of eternal bliss with the savior. There are not degrees of salvation, you are either saved or lost.

– Waking up is nothing like that at all. Waking up is the process of growing up in Christ, the Christ that you are within. There is a process and a continual progression throughout your life here on earth that continues on into eternity. We are all in different stages of alertness in Christ.

First Step Of Spiritual Awakening

It begins with a FEELING that there must be something more than you are currently experiencing spiritually. More like an inward longing to reach higher and higher.
This feeling helps you to complete the first step by getting you to start thinking outside of traditional thinking constructs of any formal religion.

The First Step Is Scary!

If you have lived your whole life with a certain belief system, it will be terrifying to step outside that belief system and experience something new. If you are reading this or listening to my Vlog, you are probably feeling something that is strong enough to pull you out into the first step of awakening.
Your hunger will override your fears if in fact it is time for you to wake up.

My Story…

My story is no different from anyone else’s that has made the quantum leap into the power of Christ’s kingdom within.
Your story will be no different…the feeling of more that leads to the thought processes of higher consciousness.

Good News!

The first step is the hardest for many. After the understanding has come that there is more, much more… then more steps follow, but they will come in progression and in the time you are ready.

I hope you enjoyed this week and look forward to the next 20 weeks as I lay out for you the journey that was to be THE JOURNEY of my life. Wherever you are and in whatever stage you are in, ENJOY!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor.

-Rob Schreckhise


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