The Bible never says that you cannot poke sharp pencils up your nose.

It’s simply not there. This is one of those loopholes that maybe you’ve been looking for. Perhaps you are wanting to do something fun and stimulating with colored pencils but you don’t want to be disobedient to God. Well, here’s one thing for you to try.


I’m not joking about it not being in the Bible, many things are not in the Bible. If you want to know the truth, there are more things not in the Bible than there are things in the Bible. In a wild and crazy culture like ours, who’s to say what is right or wrong?

First let me say that I believe in ONE absolute ruling force in our universe. One force that has the proper answer to EVERYTHING in our life. Does the Bible contain the fulness of answers of the ONE force? No, it cannot contain everything. It can however contain the principles of life that are the keys to find every answer.

Back to the sharp pencil and nose dynamic… How would I know if that was a right thing to do or not? I would first realize that it causes great pain (google it) and that tearing the inner lining of my proboscis will spill blood all over my face! With blood on my face there would be a massive turnoff for anyone standing around me. This could result in a loss of friends, family and foes.

Besides the pain and the disgusting view of it all, the intelligent mind will teach you that everything has been made for a purpose. The purpose of a pencil is to write with or color things and not to stir the chili that is heating on the stove.

Why in the name of God would you want to totally ruin a perfectly good pencil? Do you want to incur the wrath of the pencil advocates?


Noses have feelings also and here is where we can clearly see that poking pencils up our nose is a violation of our purpose. Our nose is designed for a number of great things (google it) and being a pencil holder is not one of them.

Even though we don’t have Bible verses specifically telling us to not poke this up that, we can see with logical deduction and love for the original design of our body that God made us for a beautiful purpose. To purposely mutilate any portion of the skin that we are in is considered abuse.

So let’s tie these thoughts all together. Forget about the pencil, it is an innocent bystander. Look at your actions and ask yourself this question: Is this what my body is made for?

You are not a pincushion nor a victim.

You are the offspring of your creator. The Bible does say, God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Gen 1:27).

So here is what you can ask yourself before you do anything crazy to your body or to the body of others for that matter, Would God Do This?

Would God poke a sharp pencil up His nose?
I think we all know the answer. It’s time to start acting like the offspring of God! Use pencils responsibly and use your nose carefully. You are too valuable to misuse anything or anyone.

Love. Blessings. Favor.

– Rob