Spirituality Pays Big Dividends!!!

Spirituality Pays Big Dividends!!!

“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul

Life in the flesh is characterized by striving to get something you perceive you don’t already have. It is living out of an empty center, eating from the wrong tree and perpetually trying to fill the void in ones soul. In its religious form, living in the flesh includes trying to feel right with God on the basis of the rightness of ones beliefs and behavior. It is epitomized by living under the law.

By contrast, life in Christ is living out of a fullness of life and love you already are as you were created in His image and likeness, which is only evidenced in love. Life in Christ is a life that is free from condemnation from God and therefore free from any condemnation of others or ourselves.

It is life that empowers us to do the right thing because it frees us to do the loving thing, precisely because we are no longer trying to get life from doing the right thing.

If you are condemning of others, its because at your center you still believe you are condemned and therefore you are condemning of yourself and your lack of love for yourself is projected in a lack of love for others.

Written By Stan Tyra

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