Step Two To Spiritual Awakening


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul

Wake UP and get Totally Confused!

– Although no one wants to tell you the truth about these steps to spiritual awakening, I want to tell you to help encourage you. It may not sound like encouragement, but I believe it helps to know them to clarify where you are at and where you are going.

– In the state of Confusion is the second place I found myself after stepping out into what I was feeling and thinking in the first step.

Second Step Of Spiritual Awakening

Now your mind is racing and trying to logically place all that you are learning and experiencing into the old boxes you knew before. You will get frustrated and even feel despair at some points. IT IS A STEP IN THR RIGHT DIRECTION!

The Second Step Is Not Really That Enjoyable.

You took the step and felt a great excitement and now the excitement is gone. Now you feel isolated and wondering if you have actually done the right thing after all. Surprisingly enough, you will know it is right deep down in your soul. You know it, but you can’t seem to convince your brain. 

My Story…

My story followed that path and left me without friends, without a direction in which to find friends. Now I am confused at what to do and began to think maybe I had a touch of mental illness. I simply wanted to know my creator and know myself!!!

Good News!

The second step is hard for sure, but will broaden your understanding really quick. You will FEEL the anguish that so many people have written about in their spiritual quest to freedom. This will start your TAP-ROOT into the spirit.

Enjoyed each step knowing that you are on a journey to a wonderful place of Joy, Peace, and Righteousness! We are going to explore 19 more steps in the journey to help you see the architect of how it all lays out for you. 

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor.

-Rob Schreckhise

First Step Is Here If You Missed It!

Step Three… Lets go!



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