What Is Spiritual Awakening For Christians?

So much talk lately about people having shifts and awakenings in their spirits. This has as many variations as Baskin Robbins has ice-cream flavors. I did a search and found that the majority of the awakening/shifting sites were not Christian, but instead elevated the ego of a person. The awakening that Christians should be seeking is more awareness of Christ in our consciousness. This is why Jesus taught us to hunger and thirst after righteousness. We seek FIRST the kingdom of heaven through prayer, meditation, and fasting of earthly things. In our desire to see more of our Heavenly Father we will find ourselves going through shifts and awakenings. These are places within us that take us through steps of more and more understanding. One example of a shift for me was when I began to see the teachings of Christ in the Gospels as more metaphorical than literal. The enemy that came to steal, kill and destroy is not as much an outside devil as it is my own carnal thoughts. This is what we are talking about when we talk about Spiritual Awakening.

Luke 24:45 Then He (Christ) opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.


Steps To The Awakening

1. The first thing that I noticed was an unsettling after becoming a born-again Christian. I began to feel that I was missing something that Christ wanted to give me. I searched for the missing ingredients to my spirituality. During my seeking I was directed to a conference on the East Coast that helped me shake awake to the spiritual possibilities of MORE than I had previously experienced. You may begin to feel like something is missing in your life or something is not complete. This is the Holy Spirit pushing you out of the nest of comfort into a position to where you can fly!


2. Secondly you will sense a separation from those that are not looking for any type of shift or awakening. This can be a very dangerous time in your life. I would HIGHLY recommend praying to your Heavenly Father for someone solid in the faith to help you through this transition time. I call them the tether to spiritual reality to assist you through the shifts so you don’t lose touch with your humanity. Many a well-meaning person has orbed off into the spiritual expanse without ever returning. They meant well in their search, but got caught up in the vast array of teachings and such that left them disconnected with the rest of humanity. It is those folks that drink the kool-aid. We shouldn’t seek so much spirituality in Christ that we lose sight of the first and most powerful of commandments, the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. The separation is mainly from the system that would try to hinder your awakening. Thankfully it doesn’t mean separation from family and true friends.


3. After the unsettling and separation you will experience a VOID. You will feel like you are in a parallel universe to other Christians. During this time many have stopped going to church and can begin to feel isolated from the body of Christ at large. Stay tethered to someone wise and continue to love everyone in the body of Christ, even though they are ostracising you during this period. The void can last for months even years. Are you prepared to be cut off from mainstream Christianity? This time in the wilderness is not fun and has killed many a Christian who wasn’t totally committed to the shift. Count the cost before you begin and know that it will be lonely and tiring spiritually. However, the reward is well worth the season of isolation. WELL WORTH IT!


4. The reconnect is the fun part of AWAKENING. You will slowly began to be reconnected with people that formerly cut you off because of your strange speech. They will feel the truth of love issuing from you and your shift in nature. Not everyone will want to reconnect, but many will. You can see with love where they are and will not condemn them for not seeking to awake. This is one of the most beautiful things about the shifts and awakenings of Christians, they see more clearly and with more compassion. You can love those Christians that are awake and those that are still asleep. Those sleeping are still talking about 2000 year old events and the flesh of Jesus. Those awake are living in the current power of Christ within and are living in the flow of Heaven now!


5. Lastly, the constant shifting and aligning keeps everything fresh in your life and doesn’t “FREAK” you out anymore. You may wake up tomorrow and have a completely different paradigm concerning the Scriptures. Before your awakening you would not receive it or you would totally freak out at even entertaining the idea. Now it becomes commonplace. Fresh manna continues to fall! This is active life in the Body of Christ. ALL things become new, ALL things continue to fall fresh to you in your Christ Consciousness!

Much Love, Many Blessings, And Great Favor!

-Pastor Rob

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