Six Things Every Young Person Should Know


The Six Things That Every Young Person Should Know!

Actually there are thousands of things that every youth should know. I chose six because if you don’t know these six then the rest will not really matter.

1. The first thing that every youth should know is this: There is a God, a controlling force of all the universe. To know this will help you with the next five things that you need to know.

2. The second thing to know is this: You are not God.

3. The third thing: You are a being with creative powers. Everyone has them and everyone should be using them.

4. The fourth: Most people will not understand you.

5. The fifth: Your feelings will trick you. Use the counsel of wise elders and follow wisdom.

6. The sixth and last thing that you should know is that there are an infinity of things you will never know.

That’s it!

Love. Blessings. Favor.

Rob Schreckhise


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