She stood upon the wall, gazed toward the hills and wondered in her heart…what distant place waited???

…that place she had dreamed of, that place she had been promised.

She looked behind her, inside the walls of the city and grieved, for all were as dead men. They were trying to encourage one another through their constant struggle.

Citizens within the walls of mainstream, without color, eyes vacant.

Joy only a mental exercise.

Only able to speak of miracles as something in the past, apathy shrouding their vision.

This scene perplexed her for she lived with those within, yet that which called to her spirit was undeniable.

She paused for a moment, wrapping the mantle of TRUTH closely around her, she grasped the cord of DESTINY, swung to the ground and released herself to her PURPOSE.

She never looked back but she knew her love for them would one day allow her to open the gates and many would run free.

-Loda Schreckhise