Hunter looks around at the other church members and wonders if any of them are really paying attention to what the preacher has been saying. So many times over the years Hunter has heard the same style message. He is tired of coming Sunday after Sunday to hear what he already knows so well. Enough is enough, he must break the monotony, He feels like his life depends upon it. He is tired of inching along like a caterpillar.


Responding  to a friends request to attend a home meeting is the last thing that he ever thought that he would do. He must do something,  traditional Christianity has lost its edge. Hunter makes the decision and breaks the routine of his religious upbringing. The first meeting was awesome! Fresh ideas, fresh friends and many fresh feelings, Finally a new beginning! No longer feeling like a caterpillar, but feeling free to fly. Feeling free, but unable to actually fly. So much to learn and understand. In his old mindset it was constant eating, Bible reading and church attendance. It was good for a season, but became so elementary in the realm of the spirit. Everything was geared around externals. What could stimulate the five senses, what could be done in the community. It has been wonderful, but has never brought the great peace and contentment that the preacher constantly speaks of happening in a believers life. Hunter is glad that he has made the jump into this new world.


The fresh perspectives of walking with God have given Hunter a new outlook on everything! He jumps headlong into understanding the symbolism of the Bible. He is excited to see that most of the Bible is metaphors and can be applied to everyday life now. The animals of the Bible are natures of man, the parables are principles to understand. Slowly but surely he begins to see the error in his old ways of interpreting prophecy and Biblical language. He feels more and more disconnected from his old church. Their teachings seem so shallow now. Even the group he is meeting with now has so many different teachings that is is really hard to feel any continuity. He presses on to more and more peace. His prayer time has become less regimented and more towards the lines of meditation. Hunter can feel the inward pull of the Holy Spirit and has less desire for anything outward. His old church friends believe he has lost his way and wonders why he doesn’t do any of the good Christian things for the community  anymore? On and on this peaceful state envelops Hunter until one day he is fully encased in the quietness. No church, no friends, no desire to perform, no attachments to anything religious, and no quilt. No longer a caterpillar and not yet able to fly. 


Years pass and Hunter becomes bored again with his peaceful place. He has felt all the changes, but what good are they if he has no influence in this world? He begins to think crazy things. Maybe he is the only one that has the truth of life. Maybe everyone is against him because he has so much peace. Maybe everyone else has been right all along and he should has never left the church. Maybe he is mentally unstable. It gets dark in his mind. He begins to feel his old self slipping away. He is not only bored, he is alone. In his search for freedom, he has built his own asylum. Separated to live alone inside this dark place with his lunatic teachings of miracles and flying free from the normal church routine. 


Time becomes his enemy. He realizes one day that something must change or he will suffocate inside this enclosed place of body, soul, and mind. Restful it is, but too confining. He feels reckless. He wants to do something WILD! He knows the mysteries of the universe. He has great design of creation within, and has an urgency to break out and do something supernatural. He runs out the front door of his house, looks to heaven and screams for release. He presses and struggles with everything that he has gone through. He fights past all the separation in his consciousness until he ascends to a place of understanding. He understands the power of unity of humanity. In an instant he feels a ripping of the conscious cocoon. 


Hunter ascends into the higher realms of spiritual life. He realizes that he is flying. He flies higher and higher leaving behind the shadows of time and sense, all the darkness, the obscurity, and the doubts. Nearer and nearer to his creator he flies. He flies with healing in his wings and love in his speech for all humanity. He has broken free from the asylum and is in the pure form of perfection in Christ. He is born again…