I sit here this morning reflecting back over the wonderful life that I have been given thus far and I have to smile as I sip my rich bold coffee. I am a very fortunate man. My mom and dad are both alive and well. Their strong marriage and ministry has been an inspiration to many throughout the years. I have a beautiful wife that is perfect in every way possible. I have three awesome children that are married to three awesome people. I am also blessed to have three grand-awesome grand children from each of the three awesome children. WOW! We are all healthy and blessed beyond measure!

Did all this just happen because we are chosen to be given a perfect life? Did God and His creation just randomly pick us to example how wonderful life is on this planet? Not only pick us,  but place us in the country we are in and give us the specific friends we have? I don’t believe that at all. We are no different than anyone else. I know we could have a dysfunctional life if we wanted, but none of us want that. We cherish each other and support each other with our whole hearts.

Then what is the answer that I can give to you of our ability to flow together in harmony? I would boil it all down to the RHYTHM of LIFE. Yes, it is the RHYTHM of LIFE that we have tapped into years ago, as we sought after the depths of the spiritual world. We are all seekers of truth and never give up searching for the purest form of living. Back to the RHYTHM of LIFE, the universe has a RHYTHM. This RHYTHM is able to promote wholeness of body, soul, and spirit.

Maybe you have never looked into the great RHYTHM of all things and don’t know what I’m talking about. Let me explain it to you the best way that I can.


What is RHYTHM? RHYTHM is movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like. For our purpose here, it is the FLOW, PULSE and CADENCE of the universe. Ask yourself right now, are you flowing with the universal flow of life? Are you attuned with the pulse of perfection of living? Are you walking in cadence with the universal steps of life, love and liberty?

Nature teaches us how flow like a river, how to wave like a palm tree in the wind. Imagine with me that the earth has a heartbeat. The heartbeat is constant and has no irregularities. What do you think will happen if you align your thoughts and actions perfectly with that heartbeat? I tell you what will happen, you will feel more energy and less friction in your every day life. Jesus told us to be perfect as his Father in heaven was perfect. This is exactly what I’m talking about, being perfect by perfectly aligning with the pulse of heaven and earth.

Back to our family life. We purpose to keep peace and harmony by application of the principles we have been shown to work. They are found in the Bible as well as confirmed in our daily devotional times of prayer and meditation. I want to share a few of these principles with you.

  1. The first thing that everyone of us has done is made a covenant with the “I AM” or force of the universe. You may think that I am promoting the Christian religion right now, but I am not. I am telling you what has kept us aligned and in wholeness. All of us have been baptized into Christ and have all received the free gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s a covenant design to position us into the heartbeat of God which is the heartbeat of the universe. Jesus exampled this and taught this alignment procedure.
  2. The second thing is to apply the golden rule in your life. This is the commandment or rule that the whole universe operates and flows with from deep within its design. The rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is also a good litmus test as anyone claiming to be walking in the right order of the universe through religion or whatever. Look and see if they love their neighbors as themselves. If they don’t, then you know they are out of RHYTHM with the universal code of life. To have joy, peace and right living you MUST love others and love the “real” you with the love of the one that created us. Often we come short in this area, but we are desiring to fulfill this rule more and more.
  3. The third thing is to consciously recognize the unity of humanity. In other words, everything you do has an impact on everyone around you. It starts inside your own life and the life of those you live with. You will begin to lose the “MY” syndrome. As soon as you attach “MY” on anything it become separated in your being and starts losing life connection with everything around it. For example; a car is just a car in the parking lot. If someone scratches it or dents it, you might show some empathy towards the owner, but it doesn’t really affect you that deeply. Now if that car is given to you and it becomes your car, the scratch or dent becomes personal. It is as if someone has scratched your very soul! We are stewards of the things entrusted to us and should manage them well, but they are not us. The us part of us should recognize the unity of humanity above the design of things. Once you have the consciousness of true unity, you can never have racism, bigotry or be ethnocentric.
  4. The fourth and last thing that I will bring to your attention that has assisted us in obtaining the RHYTHM of LIFE is our devotion to the Holy Spirit. We have covenanted with the Spirit, we honor the Spirit with our time, talents and treasures. Time is given to us to use in the betterment of all humanity. We take time to help others from the simple things of life, as well as all the eternal things. It’s not that difficult really, you just stop being concerned with the limited amount of time and realize that we have UNLIMITED TIME! Give lots of time, and the flow of time will be opened more and more to you. By giving time to others, you are actually magnifying your own timeline. Talents are the same way, use them to make this world a better place to live, work and play and watch how the world around you responds! Treasures are mostly our money that we use to help. The ancient nation of Israel was able to tap into the flow of the universe with a practice of tithing. This practice is no longer required, but is still as effective as it ever was. Committing to the welfare of men and women who lead in spiritual ministry by giving 10 percent of your first fruits will attune you with the rivers of living water. It is the valve of release to expand what you have been given in your family. Giving to God is giving to the support of those that have committed to the spiritual duties of life. This is how you can know the true believers, they plug into the love of the Creator of all things by allowing the time, talents and treasures to flow…Keeping the RHYTHM of LIFE.

That is a condensed version of how I feel this morning and how we live our lives. Obviously, there are many more details of the RHYTHM of LIFE, but the basics are all here. Flow is available to everyone!

The pulse is beating and calling you to jump into RHYTHM.

JUMP as soon as you can and flow into the beauty of wholeness.

Should you find yourself confused at my writing today or not flowing in the proper RHYTHM, contact me and let’s talk about the abundance that awaits!


Rob Schreckhise