This is the last chapter in AWAKEN THE CHRIST MIND.

“Rest is the recharge of the soul.”

Sleep came easily for Jesus in the bow of the boat. He seemed untouched by the storm that was raging fiercely around the boat. He was at rest, deep rest and peace within himself. The calm inside of him would not allow the storm outside of himself to penetrate his rest.

Finding that perfect place in your life of balance is critical for maintaining peaceful productivity. Resting is a part of that balance. A productive person has many things going on inside their being at all times. There is the mental activity that engages the person with ideas and thoughts continually. For the mind to flow in a clean orderly fashion, the mind must have times of rest.

The physical body also must be nourished to function and as you use up the energy from the nourishment, you must also give your body times of rest. Rest is key for the body’s restoration after the exertion through work and play. Most people are aware of the body needing rest and maybe the mind. The soul and spirit, however, are not often thought of when it comes to resting.

The soul of a person is plugged into everything the person is doing on a daily basis. This emotional center is sometimes even taxed beyond its normal routine because of trauma or severe circumstances. To know the value of rest for the soul is one of the greatest things a person could ever learn. I am primarily speaking from a western mindset. In the USA we are hit constantly with drama from every side. How does a person disconnect from all the drama to find complete peace in their soul?

The rest can start by recognizing that much of the drama sent our way is really not ours. We must be careful not to take on everyone else’s emotional situations as if they are ours personally. This is a simple process of knowing if something is worth putting inside our being. Everything we “eat” has an affect on our actions and can even affect our future. To zero in on the right things is part of a successful person’s technique to maintaining the proper balance of life. Standing steady through the turmoil of everyone else’s drama will keep you safe and help them by your steadfastness.

The rest of spirit is another wonderful gift that God has given to us. This rest is a solace that will emanate from the core of your being. To put your spirit at rest through prayer and mediation is so powerful. The value of meditation cannot be underestimated. To live a life of peace, you must meditate. To live as a person of great harmony, you must meditate. Meditation is the key to a restful person that is walking in the Holy Spirit.

For Adam, the meditation of the corporate body of Christ is the rest or what is known as the sabbath. The sabbath was an old system of helping a nation find its balance. The way the sabbath would work is for everyone in the nation to work for six days and on the seventh day cease from all work. This was a way to aid in the recharging of each individual for the health of the nation. If you break that same concept down on a daily basis, we should work the majority of the waking hours but then be sure to rest to recharge our lives for the next day.

Resting in the physical, soul, and spiritual realms sounds counter-productive to some overachievers. You can achieve a whole lot more by recharging than by pushing yourself so hard that you wear yourself down, body, soul and spirit. A person that breaks down their physical body by not resting finds themselves less than fulfilled. We need to understand the power of rest!

When you think of Adam in the earth, you should be thinking of the most powerful force in the earth. This force is the ruling power of everything that is wholesome. When this force is moving in creation it generates the source of true life with a magnitude off the charts as far as energy. It should then be understood that this energy flowing through you would facilitate a great need to break and refuel. This is why meditation, as well as prayer, brings an influx of fresh ideas. A sabbath of soul and spirit tap into fresh energy.

We rest to push harder and faster during our times of creating. Humanity as a whole needs to hear this message of rest for the wellbeing of nations. Adam has a design to heal the nations through true ministry of love, which includes the power of rest from all the duties of life. Free from all the threads that attach to us in just normal life events.

Have you ever heard of coming to school and the whole day was just for resting? No, as we don’t go to school or work to rest; we go to study and learn. Think about what would happen if the school was no longer called school but the house of restful learning. The workplace would be called the enjoyable place of production. The churches would be the peaceful places of energizing community. More than just changing the name, but changing the idea behind everything we do in our lives. We could begin to live our lives as expressions of vibrant energy! An energy that has been born from a life plugged into the one man from all men design. A life of power and peace from being in the body of Adam.

I taught a youth group one time from the subject, “Never work a day in your life.” I wasn’t telling them not to work, but to do what was exciting to them. When you get to work at a fast food restaurant, work from a position of thankfulness, make the time as enjoyable as possible with the energy you have gained from living in the rest of God’s Spirit. This is the order of the Last Man Adam. Adam lives in perfect peace. It doesn’t mean he has no forward movement. It means that he is in the place inside and out that nothing can tear him down, especially fatigue from not resting in the proper flow of everything in the universe that is constantly moving.

Jesus came as a deliverer for anyone who will listen to his teachings and obey them. He taught this idea of rest that I’m relaying to you. In his daily life he would find places to separate himself from the crowds to bring his soul back into a recharged position. He knew when to minister and when to abstain from ministry. He knew that to be a source of rest for others that he himself would need to constantly tap into the rest. This rest is available to everyone through belief, reaching out and taking hold on the rest that comes by faith.

It’s the rest that comes from faith in the one who created the day of rest for a people long ago and has created a restful life for whosoever will of our culture today. Jesus made it clear that we should not let our hearts be troubled, but believe in him for our everything. Belief will lead us to the place of trusting him so much that we could let things go at the end of the day or the end of the week for total rest and relaxation.

These times of rest are when the seasons of creation are made manifest to anyone working in the body of Adam. Sometimes the forward movement is recognizable and other times it seems that Adam is doing nothing. Even if it appears that Adam is dormant, he is resting, which is as valuable as everything else.

I remember a few years back when I lived in Tennessee, there was a law that the stores could only sell the very minimum on Sundays. It was a law that centered around that old law of resting on one day of the week. It was strange to see them closed up on one day of the week. They were using law to try to enforce what I have been explaining to you. I am not sure it helped people rest, but the idea was interesting to me at the time.

You can’t pass “rest” laws that will be as effective as people’s personal desire to use the law of rest. The best plan is to help people understand that there is a season to work hard and there is a time to rest from working hard. The scriptures that speak of creation teach us that God himself worked six and reserved the seventh day for a day to rest.

There are national holidays for people to rest. Most of the time we do more activities on the holidays than on regular work days. The word holiday has actually lost its true meaning along the way somewhere in our culture of high production. To take a holiday from work should bring you to a recharged state of being.

Let’s go to an even higher place of rest: the spirit of rest. This is more than an attitude of rest, but a spirit of rest that comes from simply entering in by faith. The rest that you do when you cease from working or thinking is easily understood by most people. The more difficult type of rest is the rest that is granted when you enter through the doorway of faith.

To enter into a place of rest in the spirit you must first believe that it is available to everyone. Belief in this rest is the first step, and the second step is to step into the rest. To enter into anything by faith, confess. Confess that you are a person of faith in the rest of God. Speak this out loud everyday to build your soul around the rest of God that He has given to his resident body manifest in the earth.
Adam operates in the spirit of love, mercy, grace, glory, as well as rest. You will feel the release from the performance mode of showing how productive you are from all your hard work. Your work will manifest itself soon enough. I have seen many people work hard all their lives and die without ever influencing people to the majesty of God because they missed the whole understanding of resting in the creation with a relationship of resting with the Creator.

By faith you reach an understanding of the spirit of rest. You enter this rest to such a degree that everything you touch takes a restful deposition. When your surroundings become peaceful then your whole being flows without constriction.

You release yourself from getting diseases that are caused by anxiousness, stress and worry.

Have you ever gone to the store to purchase groceries and when you enter with total rest in your soul, you are blasted by a spirit of unrest that is resident in the store? This unrest is generated by the people in control of the store with their employees. Adam brings healing to the nations by healing businesses and institutions with the spirit of rest. When a spirit of rest resides on any person, place or thing it will be free to fulfill its God-given design with the minimum amount of hinderance.

If every business that you frequented was under the spirit of rest, you would see the difference in everything that you do. There would be less friction in our culture. Less friction in a culture produces more healthy lives, which promotes the heavenly life that we are all dreaming of having. A heavenly life facilitated by something as simple as rest. Rest from the inside of peoples’ spirit. Rest that shines out to calm the troubled souls.

To bring heavenly willpower on the earth through faith in the spirit of rest will alter the way that governments operate. The halls of congress would have less angst. There would be less need for hostile military forces. The peace of creation in a restful format would make mankind work more closely together to resolve the issues of the environment. The poverty in our world would be easily eradicated by the spirit of rest.

All of the world would be under a spell of calm that would set us into position to make it a wonderful place to work, live and play. This all ties in together with everything I have been speaking about in the fullness of Adam. He knows the end from the beginning, without any seeds of worry by trying to catch up or work overtime to produce more. Eternity is complete in the pace that Adam is taking in his plans for total restoration of the divine in the earth.

Quite a few therapists and psychologists will be out of jobs once Adam rises up to speak healing over the globe. Doctors and lawyers will not find themselves as much in demand. Those people can then shift and aid in the creation of more ways for humanity to rest in the perfection of being made in the image and likeness of our Creator. Even the institutions of higher learning will be able to shift to a more holistic approach to teaching through creativity.

Adam is the restful giant seeking to rule and reign over a perfect world. Those who are in Adam’s community are able to sleep deeper and awaken in the mornings with greater strength. The whole of creation is seriously yearning for this to come to pass.

I read one time about the comparison of the lion’s life and the alligator’s life. The lion lives a life of stress with times of hurriedness hunting for prey. The lion’s life is much shorter that the life of the alligator that lives in a much more restful state. The alligator and the tortoise that live peaceful, easygoing lives almost always outlive the animals that have to be on edge all the time without seasons of prolonged rest.

Perhaps the alligator understands time a little better than the lion. Time flows contrary to the way that many people think that it flows. How time flows will help us understand another part of rest.  Where does time come from? How does time exist?  What is its source?   We must know that it doesn’t come from the past. We always have been taught that time flows out of the past. This will lead us to want to try and speed up time to get to the future. We forfeit rest in the hopes of obtaining a better position for us by rushing forward in time, to run from the past.

Time does not come out of the past!  It comes out of the future.  And it does not flow into the future!  It flows into the past.  This is backward thinking to many. We have to take a specific date, a specific time, and trace its course down the timeline. Think about that section of time which we call ‘today,’ the day in which you read this book.  For a long time this day was ‘next year,’ far in the future.  Then it was ‘next month,’ still in the future.  Then it was ‘next week,’ in the near future.  Then it was ‘tomorrow,’ in the immediate future.   Then it became ‘today,’ in the present.  Soon it will be ‘yesterday,’ in the immediate past.  Then it will be ‘three days ago,’ in the near past.  Then it will be ‘last week,’ in the recent past.  Then it will be ‘last month,’ in the receding past.   Then it will be ‘last year,’ far in the past.

Tomorrow becomes today. Today becomes yesterday. The future becomes the present.  The present becomes the past.  The future is therefore the place we look for time to help us understand how to properly rest in the fact that in alignment everything will flow to us.

We get the idea that time comes into the present out of the past, because the human race and human history come into the present out of the past. The human race passes from past through present into future.  Therefore we have fallen into the habit of thinking that time follows the same order.  Time goes the other way.  The human race comes to us out of the past, and time comes to us out of the future.  We do not go with time.  We continually meet it, instant by instant.  That is why the present is always instantaneous — because we do not go with it, we constantly meet it, moving from past to future while time proceeds from future to past.  This is the procession of time. The future is the reservoir out of which the present comes.  The future is the source.

Rest comes to us in a spiritual understanding of this flow of time in relation to our daily lives. We are always at the precise moment that we need to be if we are walking in faith in the perfected design of our Creator. Adam understands this mystery as well as all the other mysteries of life, abundant life of eternal heavenly design. This is how Adam, our great Adam of which we are, brings heaven to earth and creation is thus satisfied once and for all!

Much Love,

Rob Schreckhise