Real Love Has Fangs!!!


You have never walked with Jesus, God or the Holy Ghost in the flesh. The Spirit is not recognizable in the flesh. Your feelings and sensations of joy are the result of coming into contact with the Spirit.


You and I need to understand that the church culture has developed a language that the unchurched world cannot understand. When you say you wouldn’t make it without Jesus it doesn’t make any sense to the non-spiritual person. They interpret your words to mean you wouldn’t make it without a physical Jesus and they know you do not have a physical Jesus.

You speaking of walking with Jesus…. makes no sense. We talk about Anointing,Kingdom, Ransom, Born Again, Confess, Glorification, Sanctification, New Birth, Blessings, Sin, Gospel, Holy, Theology, Spirit, Redeem, Washed in the blood, Salvation, Reconciliation, Ministry, and we TOTALLY LOSE people outside the religious circles.

Can you see we are not reaching anyone with this sort of JARGON. What I mean by “REACHING” them is being able to really help them to see the value of living by the principles of Christ.


Our sissy style wishy washy lovely persona is NOT working in the real world. Life is not about heavenly harps and fake smiles. Life is about humans just looking for approval, acceptance, and a true sense of belonging. The PRESENT spiritual design of the Holy Spirit is not just a ticket to heaven, it is a force of life, joyful life. Love is a FORCE, just like a serpent waiting to strike!

Meth-head Joe doesn’t give two hoots about salvation, baptism, or Bible verses. He really doesn’t believe in all your spiritual talk, he can’t understand it.

How can you help him?

I have some suggestions that will probably work wonders in our culture.

1.Drop the religious JARGON COMPLETELY.
2.Step out of your comfortable circle of Christians friends.
3.Begin speaking about life in a new understandable format.
4.Drop all labels and show unconditional love.
6.No condemnation or guilt.
7.DON’T talk about things they can’t understand.
8.Don’t tell them that they need Jesus or God.

👉🏽 I hope that #8 threw you for a loop. You probably need to be thrown for two or three loops to upset your pretty little homeostasis. Life is awesome in real-time.

What is it that I am trying to say? BE THE AMBASSADOR of heaven without announcing your title. BE THE BODY OF CHRIST without saying so. BE the personification of LOVE, love with FANGS! 🐍

FANG: extremely sharp weapon of love.

If you can’t BE the representation of Christ, then stay in your Christian circle and patronize your Christian friends with Bible verses and Christian Jargon.

Those of you that are ready to BE the Christ…the world at large needs healing and serious help. They need a lot of heaven in their life. They are starving to death for real love, the kind that is aggressive.


The atomic force of Heaven will overpower their desire to continue being users of drugs or whatever. The Holy Spirit is screaming to me…”BE WISE AS A SERPENT AND AS HARMLESS AS A DOVE!!!!”

Hey You, You Are Valuable! 🤴🏽


Odd Christian Expressions
• Can I get an amen?
• …fire burning in her heart…
• The Lord is working in my heart.
• During my quiet time…
• …a lost person, straying from the fold.
• We will have a time of communion and fellowship…
• …hedge of protection…
• Let me share my testimony with you.
• I’d like to share one of the burdens on my heart.
• Do you know where you’re going to spend eternity?
• Lord willing…