Have you made a decision for life?

My wife and I are going on a cruise next week. Yay us! Want to know how it all came about? Do you want to know how you can go on a cruise? I can tell you how to go on a cruise or start a business or live a new lifestyle. Here comes the answer….get ready….you ready?


Over the years working with many different people, self-starters, go-getters, and even lazy folk, It always boils down to this, they do what they decide to do. This works in the positive and the negative. Decide to do right or decide to do wrong, it’s all in the decision.

Many things help to shape our decisions, but every action is because we decided to act that way or not to act a certain way.

Do you want to get married? Decide to look for a companion.

Do you want to go on a bike ride? Decide to go and go.

Do you want to be rich and famous? Decide to be and be.

Do you want to start a new business? Decide to start one and start one.

Did you notice that there is a period at the end of each of the last four sentences? That is really all there is to it. Now what comes after the decision is another phase altogether.

I have helped people start businesses over the years and have decided to start a few of my own. Did all of them succeed? No, most of them didn’t make it. I have analyzed the reason for the failures and have come up with a three notable things.

Three Things

-The decision to start a business was a half-hearted decision. Statements like, “I hope it makes it” and “I just want to make money.” Those are not good indicators of a solid decision with a solid resolve behind it. Why start a business and expend all that energy if you are not 100% certain it will be successful? You can do anything, I’m talking about anything you solidly decide to do.

-The decision was based on wrong information. Example: you make the decision to start a company that services CD players. You googled the CD player business and thought this would be a great time to jump into cleaning and repairing CD players. Then a few months later you realize that CD players are quickly becoming obsolete. You made a solid decision but it was behind the curve of the market.
-You made a joint decision. You coupled part of your thoughts with a partner and they threw in their part. This can work is everything is spelled out very clearly IN WRITING first. Many moons ago, I went into a service oriented business with a partner that loved to sleep in. All of our values concerning business were aligned, mostly anyway. The problem came when he wanted to start late and work late. I love to start early and get off early. Major conflict in scheduling, we separated. Both of us failed because we had a shared decision that was not solid enough to stand once divided.

Jumping back up to the title of this blog,

Have you made a decision for life?

Life is the force inside of us that makes everything work right. We don’t necessarily decide to live as in making our heart pump and our other organs function. We DO make decisions that mold and shape our life that we live everyday in the material world. Ouch, that may be an offensive statement to some. What I’m saying is this, you have the life you have because of the decisions you have made. You want a good life? DECIDE to have good life. Not a half-hearted decision, not a wrong informed decision, and neither a joint-decision. Decide to have a good life based on the principles that produce good lives.

Here is where I could possibly lose followers, subscribers, and friends…

Just because you make a mental decision and voice it out loud doesn’t mean you have MADE a decision. A real decision is a change in the mind, coupled with action to fully support the choice made. It becomes a real thing. I would compare it to making Pinocchio into a real boy. When you think of Pinocchio do you envision the real boy or the wooden creation of Geppetto? Most people think of the wooden marionette. That kind of thinking will kill your “real boy” decision making.

If you’re still reading this, then I assume you want the real nitty gritty stuff of succeeding with decision making.

God, Man, Beast, Fowl and everything else can sense when you have not truly decided. There is an undercurrent in a real decision that can be felt and smelt. Here is where you can really help save yourself a lot of time and energy. Learn to determine who to help based on their decisions. Your friend tells you that they want to start a business and they ask for your advice. Ask them two things. What made them come to the decision to start a business and where is their business plan. If their answers do not align with the things I have mentioned, then politely tell them you are too busy with other projects to give them proper advice. They are just talking and maybe hoping to start a business. Even if they start the business, do you think it will be successful?

However, when you sense total certainty in your friend, you are ready to help be apart of another successful adventure. Your motivational juices will flow when you sense the zeal of the decision. Put that zeal in an educated proven business model that will deliver great value and you got the makings of a powerful business.

Decision time is ALL the time in our lives.

Every moment of everyday you are making micro decisions. These small decisions help shape your life also, learn to calculate good decisions. The major life decisions need more attention and building power. Learn how to build a powerful decision and how to turn it into a “real boy.”

This lesson took me years to learn. I have had many so-called decisions that have drained me of my time and resources. Not anymore.

I Act Only On REAL Decisions!

I decided to become a life coach, now I’m a full-time life coach. I decided to become a blogger that could add value to people’s life, and now it is a reality. The decision making process will work the same way for you!

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Build the life you desire with the proper decision making process!

Thank you,

-Rob Schreckhise