Raising Naked Children – Character Fully Exposed


Better World?

– Yes, you can make the world a better place by raising your children to be full or integrity, honesty, and loyalty.

– True success for you and your family has to do more with what you have become than what you have accomplished.


Integrity is having strong moral principles and core values and then conducting your life with those as your guide. When you have integrity, you main your adherence to it whether or not other people are watching.


Honesty is more than telling the truth. It’s living the truth. It is being straightforward and trustworthy in all of your interactions, relationships, and thoughts. Being honest requires self-honesty and authenticity


Loyalty is faithfulness and devotion to your loved ones, your friends, and anyone with whom you have a trusted relationship. Loyalty can also extend to your employer, the organizations you belong to, your community, and your country.

Good Character!

•Attracts the trust and respect of others.

•Allows you to influence others.

•Changes your perspective about failure.

•Sustains you through difficult times or opposition

•Improves your self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence.

•Creates a foundation for happy, healthy relationships.

•Helps you stay committed to your values and goals.

•Improves your chances of success in work and other endeavors.


-Rob Schreckhise

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