Racism Within Christianity???

Racism against the third Race???

Is there a difference between a spiritual Christian who has been born into the Kingdom and the earthly Christian who has simply been “saved?” It seems the “saved” folk have no problem shunning the Kingdom Citizens. The former has accepted Jesus as saviour, the second has been born in the royal family and have obeyed Jesus as Father/King. The early Christians faced this separation from the religious right (Jews) and the heathen left (Gentiles). They had become a brand new race and had no acceptance from anyone. They had been born into a Heavenly Royalty.

The NEW RACE consisted of men and women from all earthly races. They had become Heavenly Christians, God-men, Christ’s Body. They were born-again into a new place in this world and the world to come. They acted different than any other race. They thought differently than any other race. They left earthly modalities for becoming whole and were buried with Christ in baptism and arose in power with the resurrection of Christ! They spoke new languages! The THIRD RACE folk dressed differently. They didn’t fit any traditional mold of faith.

The Kingdom Citizen thinks spiritually!  

The Earthy Christian thinks naturally. 

What is birthed in man’s earthy mind are images which are literal and tangible, of the physical realm to which the natural man is limited.  He sees heaven as sky and space, and earth as soil and rock.  He sees God as a personage sitting on a literal throne and Jesus as a man sitting at His right hand.  He sees “many mansions” as physical buildings in a place beyond the galaxies, and the New Jerusalem as a literal golden city with streets, trees, and a river.

Earthy Christian sees God’s kingdom as a government established in Jerusalem, Israel or in London, England with Jesus and the saints occupying thrones there.  He sees hell as a physical place with real fire and people in bodies tormented in the flames forever.  He sees angels as creatures with wings.  He sees the millennium as a period of one-thousand earth years.

But to the heavenly, spiritual Christian, all things have become new and he beholds in the spirit the DIVINE AND SPIRITUAL REALITIES BEHIND AND BEYOND ALL THE SYMBOLS AND SHADOWS!

          Stop Worrying About The Christian Racism against Kingdom Citizens….

Just LIVE In Heavenly Realms everyday as a Born-Again Citizen!

Come to the highest dimension of life, the dimension of spirit.  Those who live out of the spirit are spiritual and heavenly!  The Greek word for heaven is ouranous meaning elevation, height, exaltation, eminence.  It has both physical and spiritual applications.  The natural, soulish, earth man sees only the physical application, whereas the spiritual, heavenly man sees the spiritual reality.  In its spiritual sense heaven bespeaks the eternal, invisible, and omnipresent realm of the spirit in which God and all celestial beings dwell — far above the realm of the physical, material, earthly, and corruptible.



            Heaven is all around us!  It is as near as the air we breathe, closer to us even than the blood coursing through our veins.   We are one with it, conscious in it, by virtue of our spiritual life.

“He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”  

We touch heaven as we touch God in our spirit.

We behold heavenly things as with our spiritual mind we perceive and behold spiritual realities.

We walk in heaven as we walk in the spirit. 

We think as celestial beings when we think and know by the mind of Christ. 

We act heavenly when we live by divine nature. 

Heaven is, furthermore, the realm of God’s government — His infinite authority and almighty power.

The kingdom is rooted in our spirit, the heavenly dimension of our life.

As the Lord Jesus made known to us, The kingdom of God is within you.

Conclusion: If you have been born-again of water and Spirit you will love all earthly races equally. You will not necessarily be accepted in modern Christian circles, but that’s ok…Jesus wasn’t either. You are part of the Heavenly Race of Christ, a race that is eternal and perfected in love.

Tell me what you think!

Citizen Rob