Why Would Royalty Place Their Throne In The Trash Pile?

It doesn’t make any sense for a mega wealthy person of nobility to place their throne in the midst of the dump. To have all that power and authority at their disposal and sit out there in filth declaring how great they are is madness to say the least! What explanation can I give? They are either crazy or maybe someone has placed a spell on them. The wicked witch has hypnotized them into believing they are in the midst of greatness, all the while they are surrounded with filth. We all know that hypnotism reduces peripheral awareness and places people into an altered state of consciousness. You would want to run up to the dumpster and look up at their throne placement and say, “Have you been hypnotized?”


Truth is, I see this everyday. I see people of nobility content to live in the lower levels of culture. They could have anything they want, but they choose to remain in the filth. THE WHOLE WORLD IS THEIRS! What kind of power could mesmerize a royal subject in this fashion? Who would ever listen to a twisted voice that would speak such nonsense into the mind of a high and lofty species? I had to explore this deeper and find the truth.

Lord Of The Flies

After much prayer and research the culprit was located. The mesmerizer is Beelzebub, the Lord of the flies. He has cunningly devised a way to hypnotize many in the royal family. They have followed him to a place of rulership over nothing but the leftovers and waste of humanity. He has convinced them that life as a royalty is full of struggle and pain. They have moved their thrones from the Eighth Mountain of the Spirit into the lower earth realms of dirt and waste. The Lord of the flies has tempted them with earthly kingdoms and earthly riches. This is the ancient tempter who offered Jesus Christ a throne in the dirt. Tempted Jesus three times and each time it was only to glorify his flesh or dirt self. Jesus saw through the hypnotizers scheme and walked away to Golgotha and placed his throne in the heavens.

Where Is Your Throne?

The Kingdom of God is within you and is mega power, the power that governs the universe. This Christ order within will set you up high in the realm of ruling. You have been given the earth and the fulness thereof.

The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but he gave the earth to human beings.

-Psalm 115:16

It is ALL ours to rule and reign over! The Great King of Glory has decreed to all the universe that humans will have dominion over the earth. Have you set up your throne in the Spirit? Have you set up your dominion in Mountain Eight? Exactly where is your throne?

Hypnotism Will Trick You

In a place where you felt comfortable enough to lower your guard someone could have tricked you. They would methodically tell you that your real throne will come after you die. Beelzebub has used many voices to convince people that sickness, pain, and death are all part of the dominion here on this earth plane. The lie has been told long enough that many believe they must endure sin and disharmony until they die and go to heaven. These lies and many more has kept the royal humans in the trash heap. Illusions of darkness they are.

Wealth Consciousness

The consciousness of Christ is nothing but joy, peace, and righteousness. There is NOTHING in the mind of Christ within you that would ever desire for you to set up your throne in the dump. Christ Consciousness will elevate you in your spirit to see life clearly and purposefully. The attitude of servanthood will give you the momentum to give from the great wealth of heaven and never expect anything in return. You will be aware that all that the Father of heaven has is yours.

Breaking The Hypnotic Spell

  1. Reset your mind – Meditate on all the things that Jesus spoke about you.
  2. Reset your emotions – Speak out loud all the promises that God has given to New covenant believers.
  3. Reset your spirit – With gratitude praise God for making all things perfect in your life.

Let Me Now Prophecy Over You

With the voice of heaven, I say arise from your throne of dirt. No longer be content with living a substandard life of lack and want. Answer the call of Mountain Eight, the mountain of the Spirit and rule over sin, disease and sickness. These dark illusions are nothing but the filthiness of wickedness. All the world is now yours to serve and to enjoy. Wear the crown of righteousness and be free from the confusion of current culture. You shall live forever and never die. Live free from all struggle from this day forward. You are not enthroned in the dirt, you are seated in the heavens with your Father who has given you the Kingdom. You and your Father are one. All that the Father has is thine. Arise from the pigpen and never return. Smell the freshness of every second of your life as a servant ruler. Christ is in you, He is your ever present hope.

Rule in Love,

Rob Schreckhise