Let me start off by saying that I have not always enjoyed having a dad that was a preacher. Always attending church services, camp meetings, and conferences. There were many nights and weekends spent working at the church that I would have rather spent doing something else. I was the typical teenager, wanted to do fun stuff, not church stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I believed in God and still do. I have personally watched people be delivered of addictions and healed of many afflictions. I myself have been divinely healed on a number of occasions. It just seemed the miraculous meetings were too few and far between.

However, there is nothing more exciting than a powerful move of God in a meeting. I can remember my dad preaching with lots of fire and raise the roof off the place so to speak. His nick name among some of his friends was Fireball. Some good times in the old church houses for sure.

The Other Side

The other side of the whole pastoral scene was the late nights counseling troubled souls. Our house had an open door policy. A preacher’s house is a haven for lost souls. The preacher’s family is often his staff and support during these times of home “ministry”. I don’t regret any of it now that I can look back on it all. It certainly made life interesting.

Now the pressure on a preacher can be intense. Many people lean on the preacher for direction and sometimes it can be the difference between life and death. I had myself only been a pastor for a couple of years when I was called out to a home of one of our church members only to find him sitting in the floor with a rifle threatening to kill someone. I was able to pray him through the situation, but it did leave me unable to sleep that night.

What is a preacher to do to find relief from all the pressure?

Can a preacher go to the club and catch a buzz to forget the week? Of course not, he would lose all respect. Can the preacher let off some steam by becoming an occasional cage fighter? He might get by with that in some cultures, but most preachers would never be able to do that.

What is a preacher to do to get some relief?

I will tell you what my dad did. He went on a big drunk once and awhile. I mean a staggering fall over onto the floor drunk. I remember him being so drunk that he fell into the back of the pulpit right in the middle of church.

What did the church think? Some got drunk with him. Others watched and smiled. They were all glad that the preacher got drunk, drunk on the Holy Spirit.

How do I feel about preachers and members getting drunk on the Holy Spirit? I am 100% for it. I think it is one thing that every church needs from time to time. A great big Holy Spirit drunk is the best remedy for the pressure that many church leaders feel.

Yep, my dad taught me how powerful a Holy Spirit inebriation is in finding relief from all the pressures of ministry. I hope that I can continue to teach the same thing.

I highly recommend that everyone find a church group somewhere near them where the pastor gets drunk on the Holy Spirit from time to time. It has a healing effect!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor!

Periodically Drunk Pastor Rob