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Rob Schreckhise


There are two major WAYS available to walk out your life. The lower earth path is the way of survival. This path is full of stress brought on by the instinctive life of trying to make ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck. Always tossed around by the current of public opinion. Struggling with relationships, finances and the fight to do better. I don’t recommend this path, but many have woke up to the fact that they are walking out their life through constant struggle. We want to help you break free from that walk! We want to demonstrate to you the other path or what we call “THE WAY.”

This second path is free from struggle and free from pressures that age you prematurely. Maybe this sounds like a pipe dream only for someone that is living in a fantasy. Maybe you are thinking, can there really be a life of peace on this planet?

YES, YES, and YES! You can live a peaceful life full of joy. If there has ever been one person that has accomplished this, then it is a possibility for you. If there has ever been a perfect person, then you know it is possible.

The WAY that has perfected peace will come to you through the Christ-hood. Alignment with the laws of the universe has given us the ability to walk without struggle. If you want to know HOW then read on as we explain what it is we’re talking about. It is the transcending path.

Definition of TRANSCEND
verb (used with object) rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed:
to transcend the limits of thought; kindness transcends courtesy. outdo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree, etc.; surpass; excel.

3.Theology. (of the Deity) to be above and independent of (the universe, time, etc.).


Before we tell you HOW to leave the old path of struggle and enter the new path of peace let us answer a couple of questions that have been asked of us lately.

What is Mountain Eight? We are a non-profit organization that specializes in training people on HOW to walk in perfect peace, empowered by Christ.
What makes M8 so different from other Christ-based training organizations? Again, M8 focuses on demonstrating to you HOW to live without stress.

Now that you know that, here is what you can do immediately to TRANSCEND above the life of constant struggle.


You have to let us help you by showing you lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to align you with the laws of life and liberty.

Are you willing to make drastic changes? If so, download this free guide and start your new life today.

willing to succeed

The WAY of perfect peace is awaiting you, let us know if you need additional assistance in your transcending.


We also recommend the book called AWAKEN THE CHRIST MIND for another tool to raise your consciousness.

Much Love,

Rob Schreckhise