OutCast or UpCast?


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from DEATH, and CHRIST 
will SHINE on YOU.”
-Apostle Paul


– Yes, you have never really fit into the traditional model of Christianity. You don’t like thinking about being called an OutCast, but deep inside you know you are one. Now you know you will never go back to that style of lifestyle.

– OutCast from humanity? No, you fit in perfectly as a human. You have learned to live a life of abundance outside of the religious box.


You have CAST yourself headlong into the learning about the life that Christ taught about. You have humbled yourself before the Creator of all things and have been decreed a UPCAST! You now stand tall in the pure air of light…if that makes any sense. 

Feeling Frisky!

Spiritual nourishment comes to you directly from above in your times of meditation and prayer. A zest for life bubbles up and out of you, splashing on all those around you. Unexplainable….yet, Undeniable! 

Where is your leadership for World Missions?

There is never a time we shouldn’t be thankful for men and women that are truly leading the  charge for right. If you seek long enough you will find a group for networking. Within the group will be some who help facilitate the leading without being lords over all involved. Powerful how the magnification of talents and gifts works in a particular region.

What about the traditional church folk?

Love them just like you would anyone else! They may have a hard time understanding you, but love them. They may try to kill your hereticial butt…love them. They may try to convert you back to 3 hour sermons….love them. They will fill your FB feed with Bible verses…sappiest ones they can find…love them. They will even post prayer requests for lots of stuff they need…love them. LOVE THEM ALL TO HEAVEN!!!

Mountain Eight Loves You and will continue to be your connection for any and all things pertaining to the Love of Christ as long as Christ allows!


Atomic Love,

-Rob Schreckhise