The world has been given to us for our abode. There are thoughts that would try and pollute the beauty of our existence here. Maybe you know of someone wounded in their soul to the idea of our beautiful home here, always wanting to exit this place of glorious design. Be careful of the mind that has been darkened with criticisms of its design, talking trash about the earth. The earth is powerful, has been producing a great place to live for thousands of years for humanity. Let us stop listening to those false voices that keep urging you to find a way of exiting this beautiful place that God has created for all of us.
People are looking at the fallen humans and have lost hope for them. They are seeing their actions and feeling helpless without power to do anything about men, women and children that are suffering in their wounded state. They see the suffering and the payment of misdirection. I think mostly it’s people without a vision that are seeking to escape through destructive lifestyles. We must see our future generations succeeding. The ancients were adamant about securing their lineage. They would talk about three and four generations after their death. Never trying to plant seeds of escapism into the next generation. They would not allow an attribute of a sickened soul to talk about our home as a terrible place.
False teachings start early with people building a separation from this earth, telling them of nirvana. They say, “the sooner you die or get translated, the sooner heaven starts for you.” You will notice many such teachers are telling you to free yourself from this evil place, all the while asking you to invest in their earthly order. There is a rapture teaching that started in the early 1800’s and began teaching scare tactics that some are still using to this day. They take the words of Jesus and twist them to fit into different timeframes than what Jesus had meant for them to be placed. Jesus told his followers that many of them wouldn’t see death until they saw his return. He was looking those people in the eye and telling them it was during their time. I don’t think there are 2000 year old disciples hiding out in caves in Jerusalem who can’t die, waiting on his return. History tells us that he returned in judgement on Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and it was destroyed by burning 3-1/2 years just like the book of Revelations clearly shows.
Let’s clear our mind of leaving and get to understanding that as humans we are living on this new earth for a good reason. We all have to agree that we are here right now and must bring as much order and peace as we possibly can. All people of all religions, races, creeds, and beliefs, must agree, we need to love our life here on earth if we are to truthfully live more abundantly with great design. To those who choose to believe in any kind of earthly escape, that’s your choice. I don’t fault you for it, as long as you are giving your life now all the gusto that you can. This is home today. Agreed?

There is a rapture teaching that started in the early 1800’s and began teaching scare tactics that some are still using to this day.

Earth is not the universe, it is a small part of the universe, but it operates under the laws of the universe. A divine force developed it, knows how it operates and knows how we operate. If we live in synch with our earthly home, all will be better for us. The earth is large enough and powerful enough to reproduce through renewable resources, this understanding should calm your troubled heart about the globe ending any time soon. Plant a tree and watch how fast it will grow.
Some friends of mine planted a small orchard in their back yard 15 years ago and now eat from their own apple and pear trees. It is that simple, plant, water and eat. Even at the nuclear plant called chernobyl, where the nuclear accident was supposed to make it a place where man would not be safe going for hundreds of years is being reopened for evaluation only 25 years later. The earth has strong enough powers to take care of itself. The Exxon Valdez has long been forgotten by most of the world, and the earth took up cleaning itself where those cleaning crews left off so many years ago. I was in Valdez last year and could find no evidence that a huge oil tanker had spilled its guts out on the beaches. I think you can understand what I’m saying: earth is able to repair itself, given the time. It is truly an awesome creation; this is a great place to live, work and play!
I do want to bring the idea of our home down to a more micro level. Our body is where we live, day in and day out. We are intricately linked to our earth shell. We are mostly made of water, kind of like an aquarium walking around full of squiggly wiggles all encased in our skin. This miracle of our outer design is home for our inner being. In other words, we are a spirit being encased inside a shell made up of earth parts. We are upright earth walking around engaged with other earth folks. A mobile home of intricate design.

Societies go through many changes when it comes to where and how people live; the homes we build, the cities we construct. The most interesting to me is still the bodies we live inside. The push for something new and unusual with our bodies has no end in sight. You can begin modifying your body and then the next thing you know you don’t need the witness protection plan anymore, because you look like someone that your mother doesn’t recognize. We have to all agree that there is no longer a cultural standard for what is acceptable concerning body modification. The prevailing idea is that anything goes, the imagination is running wild. The body has become a canvas to some people for art, and others are using it as an experiment for a frankenstein type life. It’s interesting to watch; it’s definitely entertaining.
I know that all of humanity has to agree that our bodies have served us well, have the potential to continue to serve us well. We should be able to agree that our bodies are wonderfully and fearfully made. These bodies of ours should be taken care of in an orderly fashion, just like this earth. We may choose to do harm to either one, but we know deep down inside our hearts, that it is not a good idea for healthy living. What I’m trying to say is, even though we know there is something greater going on than this dirt we walk on and are made out of, it is at present our beautiful home.

We may choose to do harm to either one, but we know deep down inside our hearts, that it is not a good idea for healthy living.

Living in and on our homes gives to us comfort and a peace that floating around in space cannot give. I know the idea of heaven out there is appealing to many. I see how going to a place that has no pain or taxes can really pull your attention elsewhere. I can even understand the thrill of entertaining the idea of aliens orbiting the globe, catching people up for analyzation from time to time. When that time comes for zipping off this shell, and flying away, we will know better what is to follow.
Let’s think a minute about how this body of dirt fits into the big picture of the universe. NASA has confirmed that the earth is not getting any fatter. The dirt is not expanding. This means that as the human race expands we are literally pulling more earth up into the atmosphere. It’s like when the hairs all over your body stand up in an electrical storm. The earth is becoming more and more alive with cognitive energy. Every time another million people stand up in their dirt shell homes, and began walking around with full charge of power, the earth is shifted a little more. There are those that have modified their bodies and have cut down on their ability to contribute to the new layers of electric charge. This has not been in significant enough numbers to stop the progression.
Think about each human body emitting roughly 70 watts of power, there are over seven billion people. That converts to enough energy to run New York City and a few other large cities with no problem. This heat and energy going out has healing power as well as uniting power. The more humans on the planet the more healing going forth, right? Wrong, there are two kinds of energies being emitted by humans. Negative energies and positive energies. Those putting off negative energies are playing sour notes in the orchestra of the universe. They are rubbing the cat the wrong way. They are cross threading the bolt of life. They are jamming smooth transmission. They are….okay, you get the point. Those humans that are living in what is known as selfishness and a fallen state are doing environmental harm to our earth home. It can be quantified in their surroundings. The frustration of atmosphere upsets workplaces, schools and homes more than we first realized. When these people rise up in the earth in mass it doesn’t help, it actually brings harm.
Thankfully, there are those that have aligned with the universe and its Creator, and are at peace. These folk emit a positive energy that flows like rivers from deep within themselves. They are fountainheads of goodness and mercy. When they walk around on the planet, it brings more harmony to the atmosphere.

This is an excerpt from the book AWAKEN THE CHRIST MIND.