We all know the value of time. We would all love an extra batch of time! Give us 40 hours a day and we would be able to catch up. Actually with all the demands placed on us, it is getting harder and harder for people to commit to giving up their precious time.

This is why so many people are willing to pay for others to do small tasks for them. Between work and transportation there isn’t much time left in the day to do much more than eat and fall into bed.

Now the next tricky part of the time equation is the weekend. We get real touchy when anyone or anything tries to take away our weekend. We want our weekends….ALL of them and even throw in a three day weekend here and there to sweeten the deal!

Just how valuable is a Sunday morning after having a late night Saturday night? It is worth more than gold. Whatever you do, do not touch my Sunday mornings.


What is that you ask me for preacher? You want my Sunday mornings to be given to the church? WHAT! I just explained to you how valuable they are to me. What could you possibly give me or show me on Sunday mornings that would make me want to give it all to you?

“I’m glad you asked,” the preacher responded.

The preacher slides behind his pulpit and steadies himself for his soul saving delivery.

Dearly beloved time lovers, I have come to give you a secret about time and the power of multiplication. Before there were any markers to mark time, there was life and an abundance of it. Life didn’t have the confines of hours, day, or weeks. Life just knows how to live.

Once time and space came into existence, everything started adjusting to the proper time within the proper space. Time even tried to corral LIFE but was unsuccessful. It couldn’t speed up LIFE nor slow down LIFE. Life actually had to prove to time that it was able to do anything it wanted without any restrictions.

A slender build of a man asks out from the back row, “What in the world are you preaching about preacher?”

The preacher smiles and explains to the man exactly what he was talking about.

“Suppose you are going hunting on a very special hunting trip next week. From the time you find out about the trip until you actually leave on the trip will seem like eternity, right?” The man from the back nods an affirmative. “And,” continues the preacher, “if you were to have a long lost friend drop by to visit you, the four hours that he was there visiting would seem to fly by so fast, right?” Again, the man in the back nods a big yes as a smile breaks out across his face.

The man yells out, “Perspective!”

The preacher says, “You are fast on the draw cowboy!”


Jesus came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “So, you men could not keep watch with Me for ONE HOUR?


When a person is truly worshipping and enjoying true ministry, a hour will seem like no time at all. A Sunday dedicated to gathering with other believers will magnify itself into a power packed time of renewal! If executed properly it will actually magnify time for the whole week.

Going to church for one hour a week will give you a fresh perspective for the rest of the week. With fresh perspective, the week will not drag, but will flow with perfection. The truth is this: you are not giving up your Sunday morning, you are magnifying your whole week. I don’t have enough time to explain the process here in this blog, but I can assure you that if you put God first in your week by gathering to worship Him with other believers, the rest of your week will seem more fulfilling.

Try it out this next week. If you live anywhere near Lamar, Arkansas, come out and worship with us and watch your time be magnified. I promise you wont feel like you lost any time. You will feel like you have gained time to do more things.

Can one hour a week have that kind of impact in your life? Yes, it can, it surely can.

Give an hour to a church community and magnify your God and watch Him magnify your LIFE!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor!

Rob Schreckhise