I See It But I Can’t See It!

now you see me

Isn’t it wild that although we can’t see the full moon in this photo, we KNOW that it is round? We have seen the full moon at some time or another in our lives and that set a precedence in our belief system. We can glance at a moon shot like this one that I snapped this morning over my home and never give it a thought. We believe the moon is all there even though we can’t see it. Internally we see the full moon because we have seen it before. Now let’s think about a person who has been blind all their life and just last night miraculously  received their sight. This moon is the first moon that they have ever seen. They might struggle with the idea that the moon is round. The only moon they have seen is not round. They can choose to take your word for it or they will have to wait until they can see a full moon for themselves. Have you seen the backside of the moon? How to you know there is a backside? You logically make the assessment because of what you know about spheres from geometry. Your belief has been formed and you will have a hard time changing that belief. 

How Can You Believe In Things You Can’t See?

Where do we develop our beliefs? Do you know they start when we are little children. Parents, friends, and teachers instill into us the belief system that we have as adults. We can challenge beliefs and even shift some of them with time. Think about all the training you received from your parents growing up in church and then what happened when you went to college. The professors began to reveal a whole new set of beliefs that contradicted the beliefs you were given by your parents. You accepted the professors words as more true because they are elevated in society as the ones with the answers. Combine their expertise with the herd mentality of the classroom setting and VIOLA a person who came to college as a professing Christian over time becomes an atheist. You can be made to see what you don’t see by convincing words. This is exactly how salespeople work to sell you something. Ford motor company found this out years ago when they designed the Mustang car. They convinced people that it was more important to be SEEN going from point A to point B. Now it is not so much a concern of how we get somewhere as much as it is a concern of how we look getting there. We see things a particular way because someone TOLD us how to see them. Funny how that works in a world where no one wants to be told what to do, they allow people to tell them what to believe. 

Beliefs Vs. Perceptions

You believe the moon is round and you perceive it to be round. That one is an easy one for most of us. However, lets talk about something more illusive. You believe that God loves you 100%, but you perceive that His love is measured out according to your actions. This is where it can get a little tricky for people. You can actually believe something one way and perceive it another way. Let me explain to you this phenomenon. You can believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. You can believe that evil must be avoided at all costs in your life. Your friend can share your beliefs, but have a totally different perception of said beliefs. Your perception limits you from ever becoming rich. Your friend’s perception makes them mega rich. How can this be true?

The Shift

As I said earlier, many a young Christian adult heads to university with an excitement to learn their chosen field of study. They finish their degree and walk away no longer as young and no longer Christian. Are they atheist? They may say they are, but we know they are not. What has happened? Their perception has been frustrated to the point that they can no longer articulate their belief in God, it is now easier to simply say, “I am an atheist.”

The Answer

We must help them Wake UP! I call it Awakening The Christ Mind.