You Are Not Naked Under Your Clothes


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul


And He said,

“Who told you that you were naked?

Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” Genesis 3:11

-So many names, titles, and labels on us today that we can just flush out of our mind.

-We are walking, talking miracles!

-We should not listen to negative voices that continually tell us that we are not perfect in Christ.

-We can wear the ROBE of RIGHTEOUSNESS at all times!!!!!! (Read Chapter 11 in Awaken The Christ Mind available with the button below)


For Those Wanting To Study The Whole Chapter:

To help you to understand the narrative in Genesis chapter 3, here is the key-code.

  • Serpent – Spiritual forces that are against the Godly design.
  • Beast – Base desire of a person.
  • Field – A persons life on the physical plane.
  • Naked and Unashamed – Innocence.
  • Fruit – Outcome of an action.
  • Trees – Represent people.
  • Eyes – Mental perception. 

When Eve partook of the FRUIT and then gave it to Adam to eat, it is symbolic of the conscious being born on the physical plane. Adam and Eve’s EYES being opened mean that mental perception (consciousness) in man came into being. Adam and Eve are not meant to be two separate beings, but one of the mind. The SERPENT (lying spirit) told them that they would not die. When they ate the fruit the innocence of the spirit was removed by default as the ego revealed their nakedness. 

Thankfully God had a plan and it was all brought into perfection through Christ. Now we are clothed with the Robe of righteousness again…Properly Aligned Consciousness. No longer are we naked and ashamed!

Love. Life. Now.

-Rob Schreckhise

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