New Year Power Switch!

I propose that we all switch from thinking about making New Year Resolutions for personal change and make a power switch within our self-view.
What do I mean by switching our self-view? I mean to morph everything we have ever been taught about self-preservation to a new way of thinking. I mean switching it up completely, developing a FRESH self-view. Make this our ONE goal to reach this year before anything else.
Your mind will try to throw up a big red flag in your face. I boldly stroll in here telling you to become more focused on your view of self, actually declaring it is the one thing most needed for the future you’ve always dreamed of for yourself.

Can the switch be made?

Yes, it can be done. I am living proof that a person can hit the switch and make the quantum leap.

I did it and so can YOU!

First off, let me say that no drugs were involved and it didn’t take a psychiatrist. It only took one person. One person who knew where the switch was located within me, and knew how to help me flip it. Once I saw the switch, I didn’t hesitate. Of course, there was a lot of teaching to get me to the revealing of the switch.

I believe that with my current skill set, I can lead you directly to the switch without you having to spend years looking for it.

I don’t have a magic wand to wave over you, but I do have a few little boxes for you to open. The little boxes or containers are words that have the power to change your belief system. Belief systems are not easily switched; it often requires an upsetting of your homeostasis.

“You’ve got to continue to grow, or you’re just like last night’s cornbread — stale and dry.”
 – Loretta Lynn

The switch cannot make money magically appear in your bank account. It can, however, make your resourcefulness become magnified to a point where riches will hunt for you. Bigger than the law of attraction, it is the law of ONE. This law never fails, nor will it ever leave you.
The beginnings of my wealth, my family, my friends, my health, and my career have all been saved and multiplied because of the switch.

100% Guaranteed!

There is so much value in understanding the difference between false selflessness and pure selfishness that I could not possibly put a dollar amount to it. It is the difference between daylight and darkness.

Speaking about the value of proper self-view reminds me of Mother Teresa. This lady had a power about her that has been totally misunderstood. When you think of Mother Teresa, do you think of her as having a proper self-view? You probably think of her as a person who gave everything she had to the poor. She gave the majority of her 87 years of her life to help others have life. Let me ask you this, how was she able to give so much if she didn’t have anything? How could she love with such abandon if she didn’t first have a proper self-view? Somewhere along the line, she learned how to flip the switch. She knew the value of the Law of ONE. She didn’t belittle herself, she knew the VALUE of human life, including her own life!

“People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they?”
 -Bill Gates

The VALUE of the SWITCH has to do with understanding our true worth as individuals. We must not fear standing up as a valuable human. Our worth is immeasurable…YOUR worth is immeasurable. Doesn’t matter what anyone has said about you, the truth is this, YOU ARE A PERFECTLY designed soul.

Look at the value of all of humanity collectively across the planet. Think of how magnificent it would be if everyone flipped the switch and began living from the proper self-view. This world would immediately feel a surge of hope like it has never felt before. Instead of just one fish in the ocean of good, there would be one massive school of fish. Imagine all of humanity collectively doing good because everyone discovered the power of the SWITCH to proper self-view.

It is valuable and eternal in design. The switch will not harm anyone. The switch is the good news that needs to be heralded from every available medium. Great health, unending wealth and superlative relationships are all possible simply by becoming aware of our potential through seeing ourselves the way our Creator created us in perfection.
Are you ready to learn how to flip the switch?

Are you willing to put your life on the line to receive the instructions of flipping the switch? What I mean is, are you willing to release everything you have been taught about being selfish and throw it out the window?
Where did we first learn that being self-centered is wrong? We were probably taught about the evils of selfishness from a very young age. When your sibling wanted a toy you were playing with, some well-meaning adult would say, “You need to share, don’t be selfish.” We started associating selfishness with hoarding or uncaring.

I want to start with a thought-flip by giving you a new definition of selfishness.

SELFISHNESS: Acting in wisdom for one’s self-interest. By “wisdom” I mean that one can logically prove that an action is in one’s self-interest, in the long run as well as the short run.
Selfish individuals give the most to charity, if and when they choose to. A selfish person is not “stingy.” He simply values the use of his own judgment in making decisions about how to spend his money, and when to give it away. The selfish person gives in the best interest of themselves, a practice that, in the short and long run, will benefit both the receiver and the giver.
Let’s face it, selfishness has been our main strategy for survival. Choosing to pursue the career of your choice is selfish. Insisting on freedom and individual rights, rather than living under a dictatorship, is selfish. Indeed, even ordinary behaviors such as breathing, eating and avoiding an oncoming car when crossing the street are selfish acts. Without proper self-view, none of us would survive the day, much less a lifetime.

The opposite of selfishness is self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice means giving up a greater value for a lesser value. Consider the example of a battered wife who is married to an alcoholic husband who refuses to seek help. She stays with him for reasons of “security” and “family stability.” Yet in the process, she sacrifices her proper self-view and physical safety (greater values) to the irrational whims of her husband (lesser values). I would recommend that she no longer remains self-sacrificing, but should SWITCH to a proper self-view. Can you see the difference?

Yes, the New Year is upon us and loads of well meaning people are going to resolute… I propose that we forget the resolutions and SWITCH IT UP!

Look in the mirror past your face into your soul. You KNOW that you were born for a purpose, a grand purpose. Jesus came promoting this SWITCH of self-view by teaching his disciples to shine with God’s greatness.

In the same way, YOU should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things YOU do and praise your Father in heaven.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:16)

We shine with proper self-view of our great self and live free from the ego damaged soul of pride and jealousy. We are not better than anyone else… we are ALL GREAT as living breathing expressions of our Deity Father.

Out of proper self-view you can set any goal and reach it. Nothing will be impossible for YOU! Your 2018 is going to be the best year ever because you have shifted into the perfected view that God has of you. God is smiling upon everything you do in constant flow with HIS SPIRIT!

Don’t wait until the new year starts, start the SWITCH TODAY. Look into the mirror and say,


Heaven has always been on your side! ALL of heaven is cheering you on to revealed GREATNESS!

If you are serious about learning who you really are to heaven, I recommend my latest book, The Great You.

Much Love,

Rob Schreckhise