Rob’s spiritual guidance has provided an abundance of clarity, focus and peace. My life has benefited immensely from his influence, positivity and knowledge. If you’re seeking answers to life’s questions, ask Rob.


Rob has been the main driving force in my Spiritual path. He has literally taken me from day one until today. He is the one that I call with my questions and he continues to guide me and my family with our walk with God. He is my spiritual father and I couldn’t have asked for a better one!


Rob Schreckhise is a man that I know as a friend, mentor, and most importantly a spiritual leader. In holding those titles he has been apart of experiences in my life that the majority of the world will never know about. He has helped me out when my house needed fuel, provided (along with his wife, Leslie) pre-marital advice to my wife and I, and even administered my first and only baptism. While he lived in Alaska I was fortunate enough to be welcomed to join his family in prayer groups, where after a few meetings and prayers I received the Holy Spirit for the first time with his coaching and prayer over me along with family and very close friends. He is a man that can live life to its most joyous measures, and yet when it becomes serious he is an advisor who I can trust to tell it to me straight.


I first met Rob in 1997, immediately I could see that he is all about helping and lifting people into the fullness of life. Rob has been a major anchor in my journey of life, he has stood by me in the good times and the dark times. He is a man of integrity. He is a man you can trust.


Just wanted to say that when we needed advice or prayer, as a servant of God you have been more than willing to be there for us when no one else was. We thank God for people that serve God and live for God and are there to encourage others. God bless you and your family brother Rob, we love and appreciate you as a man of God and your family. God bless.

Charlie & Mary

Rob is so filled with hope. This hope is contagious, infectious. Some people share their faith. Rob goes well beyond that. He shares his hope. Glorious, life changing hope. CATCH IT while you can!


Rob Schreckhise is, along with very few, the most spiritual man I have ever met. You will only see truth in his eyes and he does everything he can to help you get that deep relationship with God.