Hello I’m Rob and I Am Excited To Meet You!

Rob Schreckhise

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that you have made your way here!

I hope you are ready to leap into extreme life, the life you’ve always dreamed of having! 

Want to know a little about myself? Well it all began a long time ago in a far away place…(ok I’m joking). It really did start many years ago and has been quite a wild ride since. 

When I was 20 years old I wanted to help people reach their full potential in every area of their life. I moved around to many different towns in a couple of different states learning and helping people everywhere I landed. 

I faithfully coached, discipled, and taught young and old on how to get the best out of living here on this planet of the humans. I had always believed that we can do the impossible!


After many years of searching out for myself, my own beliefs and the true teachings of Christ, I founded Mountain Eight to inspire people to live abundant lives Here and Now, to take action and actually do what others are calling impossible.

Jump In And Live!

-Rob Schreckhise



If you live locally, we would love if you would come out and personally meet with us every Sunday.   Click Here for directions!


Rob is available to speak at your meetings. He has travelled the world inspiring people to step out in faith beyond the realm of the normal. Contact us for available dates.