It’s Time To Decide

Life decisions can be tough sometimes, especially when you are just starting out with a family. Where should we live? How can I provide for my family? What is my real purpose for being on this planet? When seeking for the right answers to all these questions we must be willing to say, “Not my will, but yours be done.” We want to make the right decisions not based on our limited scope of spiritual insight, but on the vast wisdom of our Creator. We know that our Creator has a perfect path for us and our families to live abundant happy lives!

Think about when Jesus came along and called his disciples to come out from their comfortable worlds into Kingdom ministry. Jesus asked them to take a pay cut and walk out with him into a brand new world. How would Dave Ramsey feel about their decision to leave all they had ever known to follow a man around the country teaching people about a kingdom you couldn’t see with your natural eyes? More than a career change, an absolute life change!

The comfort of doing what we’ve always done makes way more sense than random actions of pure heartfelt ministry. We get so locked into loops of acceptance amongst our peers that going up to new realms can seem impossible. However, Christ within us specializes in the impossible! Are we really willing to say, “Not my decisions Lord, but yours be done in my life?”

More Than Just Facts

We have learned to compile all the facts to make our decisions in life, but have we learned to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit? Have we been taught how to properly apply the Scriptures? The point of scripture is not to establish a belief system, but to point to the lives and journeys of others so we can see their life, their journey and their encounter, and let these call us into our own. Only Holy Spirit awakenings will instill passion and direction. Doctrines will not change anyone, Christ awakenings will.

My suggestion for how to get your answers in Christ? First off, I’m not going to tell to do the stuff you already know to do, go to church, read your bible and pay your tithes. I will give you the short version for getting the right answers to make spiritual decisions in your life. You ready? Seriously, are you READY?

LEARN to HEAR. That’s right, learn to hear the voice of the Spirit. That is the solution to all your life issues. Lean not to your own understanding in your ego, but lean into the still small voice of the Spirit in your consciousness. Our culture has so many voices fighting to gain control of your mind. Social media has flooded us with random thoughts of nothingness. Mainstream media is competing for your attention. Organized religion needs your life energy to keep it reaching the lost. Your business or employment fights constantly for your soul. Then in the midst of all that, we seek entertainment to unwind and let Hollywood think for us. Where is the time for meditation and listening to the Voice of Truth?

You want the right answers to life? LEARN to hear the voice of LIFE. That is the long and short of it. I have had to fight hard at times to hear the Voice, but He can be found. I have fought hard at times at what the Voice told me to do, but it was worth it when I obeyed. I wouldn’t want to have a Creator that didn’t speak or was unable to direct me in life. I’m thankful for a spiritual leader in the heavens as well as the men and women He has put into my life to help me see more clearly the path of happiness.

Drop the nets (your self-made life) and follow the Master to a happier life in the world of spiritual perfection. 

See you at the top of Happy Mountain!

-Rob Schreckhise