“When the miraculous becomes normal,
then normal I will be.”

Noah sat quietly with his family as the ark shuttered under
the twisting and churning torrential waters from above and below. He had no fear of the outcome, for he was clean before the eyes of the Creator. He sat confident in his position with his God; he was man, righteous man.

Inside of everyone is the desire to see the miraculous in some form or the other. It is in our DNA. We are walking miracles ourselves. There is a lot that science can tell us about ourselves, but there is also a huge amount that it can’t figure out. The test tube baby is explainable up to a point, but the life part of the cells is still too deep for man to plumb the depths of them. Even the simple design of a bumble bee has many scientists still amazed. So much in life is unexplainable, yet undeniable.
I have personally been involved with miracles of life that could not be explained. I was sick once with hepatitis and was told by the doctors that my recovery would take over a month. I was sent home to eat nutritious foods and rest as much as possible. I felt horrible inside my body, and the jaundice was turning me yellow all over. That night I requested prayer from some of my friends. They came and prayed over me for a short while, asking God to heal me completely. I can’t say that I felt anything that night other than comfort from my friends stopping by to show their concern. I slept fairly well through the night and woke up feeling quite different. I remember sitting up in bed thinking what a long time that I had ahead of me for recovery. I immediately noticed that I wasn’t nauseated anymore and that my strength was back. It took a little time for the truth to sink in. I was healed! I stood up and had a hard time believing that I could be completely healed in one night after all the tests had conclusively shown me to have a disease that would require a month or more of recovery. The proof is in the pudding they say, and this time I was living proof of divine healing!
There are many other times in my life, as well of others, that I could reference here in this chapter. You have come too late to try to convince me that miracles of this caliber don’t happen. This is not a chapter that is trying to convince you of the miraculous, this is a chapter on how you and I are connected miraculously through a cord of actions from powers outside our control.

When you wake up on any particular day there are many things happening at the same time. You decide what you will do with the day, and you set out to accomplish those things that you want to see done. The schedule is set and your mind is busy producing those things. However, during the day there are obstacles that pop up from nowhere it seems. The missed flight because the previous flight was delayed. Have you ever heard about a spirit filled person missing their flight, to only find out later that the flight had crashed? Was this coincidence or a divine intervention? Why do we feel strong impressions sometimes to do something for someone and they later tell us how that was the very thing they had been praying for in their life? We are closely connected to the force of the universe. The Creator has placed in the very design of days before we were ever even born, a perfected outcome. How do I know this? I know this by experience over the last few years of my life since I began walking with more awareness of my spiritual surroundings.
We live in a world that has electronic data being transferred from one person to another every nano-second. I’m not talking about cell phones and handheld electrical devices. I’m speaking of the vibrations of our voices and the emissions of our electrical bodies toward each other. We can sense when someone is hurting, when someone is overwhelmed. We know if the workplace is in the state of friction or having a day of energetic release. We know these things by the miracle of our world that has linked us all together in a fused state of oneness with each other.
There may be people in your workplace that you really don’t like. These folks are affecting you, whether or not you want to admit it. There are people at the stores in which you shop which are setting the atmosphere there to the positive or to the negative. If a place has a draining effect on me when I shop there, they will lose me as a customer before very long. I have found I will pay more for an item in an atmosphere that is positive than if the atmosphere is negative and drains me of energy.
The miracle of all this energy transference can go to the good or to the bad. The polarities of our workplaces and shopping malls are all part of the design of our miraculous life. This is why it is so important to understand the force operating in the people that you regularly associate with every day. If you are constantly in the presence of negative people then they will throw off your inner balance for health. On the other hand if you are only around positive people all the time then you will be out of balance with the polarity of energy. You may be thinking, why would you possibly need negative influence in your life? It is like the poles on a battery. You need both positive and negative to balance out your life. Jesus had this equilibrium in his ministry, and he knew Judas was a traitor.
A person that doesn’t have proper balance will not relate to the flow of humanity. Every great leader and teacher knows this principle of life. If you think of negative people as bad people then you will try to reject them and lose the value that they would otherwise add to your life. Negative people are people that have not seen the brighter side of everything. They speak words of cursing instead of blessing. What happens when they speak? They actually become the ballast to the ship of life. Their words don’t catch the sails of hope and joy, their words are valuable because they give the meaning to hope and joy and all that’s good by the constant contrast.
It is still miraculous how negative people speak, because they are saying things that take special skill to speak. Never in a thousand years would I have believed this principle until I started walking in the realm of the spirit. Once you see how much they are needed, you will never try to push them away. Of course you do not want too many negative folks around you or the balance is wrong again.


Balance of the miraculous is not that difficult if you are a discerning soul. You will understand why Judas was chosen as part of the original twelve disciples of the Master. Jesus knew full well how to interact with the forces of both polarities. We must also know this secret of the miraculous. Adam is the pure man that has no desire to bring evil or imbalance, but only harmony in the miraculous life of peace. Fallen Adam needs the Last Adam to bring balance to the universe.
When you think of the miraculous, I hope you think of the situations in your life that can’t be explained by the reasoning mind. You can live free from the mundane life of everything being exactly as expected. Maybe this scares you, as you like to know everything that’s going to happen in everyday of your life. When I say unexpected, I am speaking of good things that are projected upon you from the realm of the miraculous. Would you reject the sudden call from a company declaring to you that you just won the lottery? The truth of the matter is this, you can “win” new things everyday of your life! Somethings may be very small, but miraculous nonetheless.
I want you to think for a minute about yourself to determine if you are the bright side of the moon or the dark side. If you believe you are the bright side, then I want you to write down everything you can do to enhance that brightness. It can be anything from speaking more encouraging words, all the way to doing more courageous acts of kindness. If you are the dark side of the moon, I want you to write down how you can help those people on the dark side with you. One way is to explain to them how the balance of life works. Tell them that just because they are not in the limelight, they are needed as the counterweight to those soaring around in the skies. This is the beauty of all humanity. We all have our place in culture. We all have a design to fulfill. What do you think Jesus would be without Satan? Do you know that the Creator created Jesus and Satan? One was the truth and the other a liar from the beginning? I am not calling those on the dark side of the moon evil, just saying they have a place in the whole order of balance. The oracles of all the ages have told us that part of cultures will be of the light and that the other part will be of the dark. The good news is this, that those in the dark can come to the light in a format of new birth!
We are all on one side or the other of balance. The miracle is that whichever side you are on, you are part of the miraculous workings of the Creator. If there was no sickness, then the power of healing would lose its effect on us. I understand that this may sound like crazy talk, but it is the absolute truth. We need sickness for the power of divine healing to bring about the changes, like it did in my life. Once I was so sick that my mind was affected with gloom and despair, the healing brought about a hope that I could have never known before.
It is a miracle to see how this all plays out in our everyday lives. You will move in the realm of miracles by the very sake of your understanding what I have just taught you. You will no longer run from the devil that walks into your life, you will not fear, but understand that anything he does will only make you stronger by ushering you into places that you would have never obtained any other way. It is so exciting to have life in proper perspective, to have powerful authority given to you from understanding the miraculous flow of balance by uniting the sharp notes and the flat notes into your life orchestra.


The miracle of birthing out a fresh life from your old life is only possible by understanding how we are all working together to bring about the wholeness of humanity. You can grow by little tiny steps by yourself through reading and applying self-help techniques. Growth will be gradual and very explainable, not really much as far as the miraculous. You can chart your growth this way from the therapist’s chart. That is not all bad in of itself, it has its merits. The miraculous is bigger and faster in its work in your life, when you link together with other people and watch what can happen!
When you see that everyone you are in relationship with has a part in helping you reach the heavenly place you dream of reaching, you will treat them differently than before. You will love them more and more. The saying is, “you will begin to love them as you love yourself.” You lose the individualistic idea that you are a standalone creature. You will embrace your friends with a heartiness of expression that will meld you together in a union of productivity. This is really what the miracle of the Last Adam is all about. This is the many men turned into one man dynamic.
This is the true miracle of cities being turned around for the ultimate good of all. Nations will rock under the miraculous power of Adam. Nothing can stop Adam when men and women click together in unity of mind, soul and spirit this way. This is bigger than any one organization or group. You can’t lock down to the one union that you belong. The big picture of all unions coming together as one, will materialize when you grasp this revelation. The nations of this world can unite and make this globe the vibrating orb of eternal goodness! No one will be without and no one will suffer the wrath of evil. The evil will be addressed from a corporate dimension.
Once you walk in the miracle of unity you will begin to dispel wrong perceptions in society about separateness. Racism, sexism and all other ism’s will lose all influence over you. I can hear the negative people already getting ready to shoot this idea down. Remember, they are needed to help promote the truth. Truth will prevail when those that have allowed truth to settle in their being completely to the point that they are operating in pure motive. This is not something that you can write down in a way to make people understand it, especially with the common interaction of humanity now. This is the miraculous power of mass love uniting people to one cause of bringing our true identity to the surface of our lives to rule us as one force.
The true way of even conceiving the Creator is through the miraculous terms of our unified humanity. We see the unseen by placing it in our understanding of the seen. The only way that we can understand how the Creator thinks is by placing His thinking in the same way of our thinking. We know that divine would not think erroneously or falsely. We bring the heavenly design into the arena of the earth to be able to comprehend its beauty. There occurs every day all about us and under our own hands the exact miracles of heaven by mind over matter. We are able to operate just like our heavenly Father, in a partnership of grace. We love the creation more and more, using it to the betterment of all of us.
Mankind can see that the Creator is his friend in full measure when working in concert with Him through the linking of souls together in miraculous purpose. This world is our Father’s house for his human temples to function with such rulership and reigning power. We have the dominion over everything except fellow man, who is in essence extensions of ourself. The Father is completely at home here, He hasn’t gone afar off. It is the miracle grounds of humanity that is infused with the same spirit as the Creator of all things.
When Adam rises up in any nation, that nation will experience happenings that are unexplainable. For instance, when one loves another as himself, he will pray for him in a higher dimension. This type of compassionate prayer will heal sick people as well as correct their molecular makeup. It is the same type of praying that my friends prayed over me when I was deathly ill. As you can see, when nations begin to reverse the sickness of people, culture takes on a fresh outlook of life.
I heard of one miraculous event from a woman that needed groceries to feed her family. She joined together with other family members and began to cry out in prayer for help. It was in a short while that someone came to their door with enough groceries to feed them for a few days. The people that brought the groceries had no idea that the family was completely without, they just said that they got a prompt in their spirit to carry some groceries to that particular family. This is the order of the miraculous flow of humanity answering the call of each other’s souls.
The Adam dynamic will leave no child behind, no adult behind in any area of sustenance. The earth is actually groaning for the manifestation of this kind of pure human race to stand up in full force. No one lording over anyone else. Everyone working in complete harmony to accomplish daily tasks as well as eternal tasks.
Man was accomplishing this many years ago. They were building a tower with the unified strength of the whole nation. The problem was not in their unity, but in their wrong motive. They were straining against the order of the universe. As Adam arises in the unity of humanity and with the proper motive of true harmony with the universe, the whole earth will gain peace again.
I believe in this miraculous design for all humanity. The earth is ready for it. The Creator has decreed it to be and eventually it shall come to pass! Let it be!


-Rob Schreckhise