Accomplished false preachers know exactly how to appeal to their audience. They are conjurors of words, and like any skillful conjuror they pull off their tricks by distraction. The word “salvation” to them is nothing more than a word used to validate their plan of crowd building and crowd funding.
With a wave of the hand and a slight twist of a few key scriptures the power of the Holy Ghost infilling is gone along with the essential aspects of the water grave experience.
Overall community good is able to eclipse the power found in prayer meetings. Spiritual power is eloquently replaced with a good stage presence and using Hollywood as a shadow guide.
Yes, the false has drawn people into a spell of a community discussion about scriptural words, when the real focus should be on the evidence of demonstration. Slight of hand is used to quote a Bible verse then apply it in a way that leaves the sin sick soul feeling better about themselves…leaving them in their sickness.
Preachers of truth must not bow to the marketing techniques of appeasing the crowd. Raw truth will heal the sick. deliver the captive, and reshape the fallen. Love does not need to disguise itself in a way to lure the uncertain mind. Love never fails, even if it must come in the form of a hard pill to swallow.
Christ is not a philosophy of mind that can be manipulated. The Spirit of Christ within is an active reality that demonstrates the purity of holiness in everyday life. Neither manipulation, intimidation, nor domination have any power over the love of Christ.
New birth must not be manipulated to fit the current emotional flavor of religion.
New birth is exactly that…NEW BIRTH or new life.
Pure Love is glorious! New Life is Refreshing! Nothing to hide, and everything to reveal.
Christ is alive! Heaven has kissed earth. No more mind-games…simple heart transformation.
God is unfiltered Love.
Love Never Fails.
Written by Rob Schreckhise author of Awaken The Christ Mind.