How We Are Making A Difference


Before we started Mountain Eight locally, we thought it would be a good idea to ask local individuals for their opinions and ideas concerning their community and churchs. Below is the 5 questions we asked along with a summarized answer of all the answers we received for each question and Mountain Eight’s responses.


Question #1: What do you think is the greatest need in this area?

Answer: The greatest need is a united community through local impact and outreach.

Mountain Eight’s Response: We are striving to providing opportunities for anyone to get connected with their local community and find friendship through our events and Sunday gatherings.


Question #2: Are you actively attending any church?

Answer: 50% of those surveyed are not actively attending a church.

M8: We call ourselves a church because we don’t know what else to call it but we aren’t here to put on a production. We are just real authentic people that are focused on growing spiritually as a group. You could call us a family more than a church and everyone is invited to join our family;)


Question #3: Why do you think most people don’t attend church?

Answer: They believe churches are hard to feel connected to and are unfriendly and sterile, especially when they are new to the church.

M8: As mentioned before, we aren’t just church, we are all family and we strive to maintain an atmosphere of love and friendliness no matter what walk of life you are currently in. If your new to our group or not, everyone is treated just like old friends!


Question #4: If you were to look for a church to attend, what kind of things would you look for?

Answer: People are looking for honesty, transparency and a genuine desire for spiritual growth with a fun and upbeat element.

M8: Although we are human and make mistakes, we will always seek to be strait forward and God centered. Our leadership never has a problem having fun… when appropriate;) You should come out and see for yourself!


Question #5: What could I do for you, and what advice can you give to a minister who really wants to be helpful to people?

Answer: Their advice was to be a church that is connected to God, everyday life, and community.

M8: Our church is built on Christ based principles, and that will never change. These principles work best in every lifestyle and environment for every day of the week.

How To Join The Family!

Mountain Eight is located in Lamar, Arkansas, click here for directions, and we get together

at 10am every Sunday. Come join us and be apart of the family!