Life Giving Energy Boost!


Are you constantly tired a lot? Loss of energy even after a good nights sleep? You need a Life Giving Energy Boost!!!

The whole purpose of the Life of Jesus was to come and give to humanity LIFE in a full on ENERGETIC WAY! You can easily tap into this flow without getting all religious and stuff. I give you three of the most powerful energy generators known to humanity.

I encourage you to take action today by speaking the energy sources into activation in your life and acting out the purpose of each one in your personal life.

1. The Three Powerful and Positive Emotional Energy Sources – Romans 14:17

A – Joy is part of the package of walking with Christ, in Christ and As Christ. 

B – Peace that passes all understanding is available to everyone regardless of life status or current circumstances.

C – Rightness of body, mind, and soul has always produced the best life!

2. Three Drains of Energy

Eliminate these as fast as possible!!!!!

A – Fear will actually cripple you emotionally. It must be avoided at all costs! Bask constantly in the love of Christ and watch the fear factor be removed from your life. Read the Psalms, meditate, pray, and worship God to find more release from the fears of life.

B – Shame is a grudge you hold against yourself. This powerful energy drain will short-circuit the love of God in your life and constantly leave you feeling tired and lonely.

C – Hopelessness can come upon you when you have a steady diet of worldly news and gossipy chatter. Refrain from all propaganda while finding your place in abundant life flow for more energy.

To Conclude:
You can be so energized that you change the world wherever you go! Simply apply the truth given in this short teaching and watch your energy levels go UP! Eat right, Sleep well, and Jump into the LIFE GIVING ENERGY BOOSTS that God gave us.

Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living life more abundant!

Love. Blessings. Favor.

Pastor Rob Schreckhise

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