I don’t know about y’all, but I’m so beyond ready for fall in this house! I already dug out my fox cookie jar, dishes, and wee little fox salt and pepper shakers. I proudly display them across the dining room and kitchen.

fox kami

I hung my fall wreath on the inside of my front door, the winds get too crazy here in North Dakota and it likes to take the wreath off my door and play with it down the neighborhood.

As fun as it is imagining me running after my dancing decor, I thought I’d just skip the extra exercise this year.

I’m currently looking for a delicious, ridiculously easy pumpkin coffee recipe that can happen every single day until the Christmas tree goes up the day after Halloween.

As I sit here drinking my bullet proof coffee out of my fox mug, I realize how great it is to be able to say “Let It Goat” (Don’t get that saying get confused with that small-time film called Frozen.. they made a jingle called “Let it go” and think they are still a big deal 3 years later).

I think back during the first few years of marriage and how I’d try to control the situation, honestly, try to control my husband. I was always trying to do everything “properly” or caring how our actions were perceived by others.

My husband would tell a joke or tell me how his day went and I would feel the need to correct his actions… as if I was his mother (sorry baby!). Instead of letting him do things his way and love him for who he is, I wanted him to fit into a mold that even I was unsure of.

Ross My Awesome Husband!

Ross, My Awesome Husband!

It’s easy to judge and criticize others, even easier to pick apart your spouse or the ones you love dearly.

Surprise, no one has life figured out! *jaw drops*

By trying to correct his actions, I believed I was changing him to be better. Reality check: I was just annoying him and making him never want to tell me about his day. We’ve only been married for a full 4.5 years, but I’ve learned a lot about the matters of the heart so far.

I’ve learned that I can’t change someone else’s heart, only God can do that. I’ve learned that God didn’t design my husband with his quirks and way of life for me to go behind Him and reshape him by telling him how wrong he was when being himself.

“Why do you cook your eggs like that?” Yes, I know I asked pointless whys, thankfully I’ve grown a little!

After we were married for a year or so, I picked up on the fact that nit-picking was not the road to a happy hubby. I was trying to make him the cookie cutter Christian that I thought we were suppose to be. I started loving him for what he brought to the table, all that he is.

I Let It Goat!

I started praying protection over him and strength in every area I could imagine. And by doing that the Lord strengthened him, but more so, he changed my heart and my outlook on the one I love most, my partner in life.

All along it was “I” that needed the remolding by the creator. It was “I” that should have been told, “You are living life wrong ya dork!” It was “I” that was awoken to the beauty of God’s design in loving one another, enabling us to flourish at a whole new energy.

I let it goat and trusted in Him to care to all my worries (What a stress-free life!).

Before looking to pull others into the spotlight to highlight some “in progress” areas, pray for a blessing over them and love them. That is all we are required to do.

Prayer is powerful and if you don’t believe that, then you need way more one-on-one time with our Heavenly Father. Know He is in control and we are all working on growing stronger toward Him. We are like dandelions growing towards the sun. Are they technically considered a weed? Pretty weed though.

Take a look at your own heart, ask God to open your eyes to areas to be improved. Life is too beautiful to live under the impression that we are here just to be hall monitors to each other. GAH-ROOS.

Let It Goat.

Love someone today, leave a mark on their heart by never forgetting what it feels like to be cared for. And no, I don’t mean passing out sloppy wet kisses.

Ways to love:

1. Be the ear for an aching heart. Being there to listen can be healing when you respond from your heart.
2. Hugs are always allowed. They do wonders for your health.
3. Smile and make eye contact with as many as you can 😉 Just letting them know they matter and are seen.

Leave a comment below, give thanks, ask questions, share pumpkin treats! Much appreciated!

Love you all,

Kami Alise