Keeping The Faith In Tough Times

Here I sit in the ICU waiting room at the hospital in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. My father is laying in a room right down the hall fighting for his life. His heart surgery went well but his kidneys and lungs are having a hard time. Here I sit full of faith, I know he will recover, but my brain wants to take me down a dark road of doom.

How does a person keep their faith strong in times like this? I guess I could tell you to read Bible verses on healing. I could tell you to pray more than you have been praying. You probably expect me to say those things. I am not going to tell you to stop praying or quoting Psalm 23. I want to give you additional keys to keeping the faith.

#1 🗝: God has all power. Period. I constantly remind myself that cancer, heart attacks, etc., have no power in comparison to the strength of God. God is all in all when it comes to healing. I have people look at me funny when I tell them that nothing is stronger than God. Funny looks or not….GOD HAS ALL POWER!

#2 🗝: Throw Away All The “IF’s.” The family next to us just mentioned that there is so many “if’s” to be considered. I understand what they are saying, but I personally cannot let my mind entertain all the “if’s.” When the “what if” thoughts try to lodge in my thoughts…I cast them away! NOPE, I do not have the energy to empower the “IF’s.”

#3 🗝: Change Your Beliefs About Healing. This is a biggie…real big for you to keep the strongest faith possible.

a. Become aware of the different parts that make up a belief. Maybe those around you will say that they believe your situation is desperate, they have built this belief because of a past experience in their own life. Do not build your belief around their belief system. Make sure the parts of your belief system are built on the solid words of Christ. 

b. Release the emotions that are attached to false beliefs. This is so important to help you soar in strong faith. Emotions emboldened belief systems. Through prayer and forceful affirming you can overcome the emotional bond. It’s not easy to see my father laying there with all the tubes hooked to his body. I can get all choked up and lose faith. Yes, we should be emotional but not the emotions that are attached to false beliefs. I hope this makes sense.

c. Shift your perspective. Immediately begin to shift your whole view of the situation. This is best accomplished in a one-on-one prayer time with your Creator. I have learned to look at my dad through the eyes of my Heavenly Father. God’s nature is that of blessing and healing. Although my dad is currently sedated and looks so weak, I see his massive spirit! I can SEE his mighty spirit body! Get a holy perspective and watch it shift your beliefs.

d. Break All Bonds To False Belief Systems. Do not think wrong thoughts that are contrary to the truth of healing and wholeness. Do not speak wrong ideas about your situation or the situation of your loved ones. Keep the Faith in word and in deed.

That is how I’m keeping strong during this time of recovery for my dad. I KNOW that God loves dad and want to bless and not curse. I know my dad will recover. I will say that he will fully recover. I will act the same way. God has all power and I can see that power at work. I also appreciate all the prayers and faith of so many of our family and friends for my dad!

Here is my dad standing strong in front of the Church he build in Lamar, Arkansas

Whatever you do in WORD or DEED, do ALL in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. (Col 3:17)

Keep Strong In The Mind Of Christ!

Pastor Rob