Jesus Was A Happy Man

Jesus had so much peace that he could regularly hand it out to others! Everywhere he went was changed because he had a calm and a real happiness. His happy life attracted even the little children. This should be something that everyone today would want to obtain. How’d he do it? How could he be a man living under Roman tyranny, acquainted with sorrow, yet so full of joy? Someone said, “ Because he was God, he was able to do this.” Yes, he had the Spirit of God, but so do many people today that are sad. Anyway, I’m not so sure Jesus wanted to be anyone’s God. He had found the life-spring while living in the temple of flesh as a friend to humanity. Here are 5 simple keys that Jesus exampled that would certainly produce a happy life for a person living with the indwelling Spirit of Christ.

Keys To A Happy Life

1 – The first key that Jesus reveals to us throughout his life was the ability to stay physically active. Whether or not he set goals for himself, I’m not sure, but we know he was always on the go. He walked a lot and never manifested a couch potato lifestyle. Maybe your thinking to yourself, is this a joke? NO, it is a KEY to being happy!!!!! I have actually helped people over the years overcome depression by getting them out of their current environment and taking them on daily walks. It worked for Jesus and it will work for you. Set yourself a physical fitness goal, and watch how much better you begin to feel.
2 – This second key may sound even more earthy than the first one. Nevertheless, it is important to finding happiness. Jesus had financial responsibility. He assigned a bookkeeper to manage his finances while he conducted his Father’s business. WHAT??? Yes, he had financial control and provided for his ministry. Again, I have helped many people get balance and peace of mind by building a budget for them. Financial Peace seminars conducted by the Dave Ramsey organization has brought happiness to thousands of people. Jesus exampled this and I hope you will also. Set yourself financial goals with set times to achieve them.
3 – Now the third key is seen in the demonstration of power that Jesus manifested. He had personal empowerment through active ministry. It seems he endured ridicule, temptations, and rejection for the reason of empowering himself in the Christ-hood. He never shamed himself, nor belittled the anointing that God had placed on him. Sure he was quick to point out that it wasn’t his flesh doing the mighty works, but it was the Spirit in him because of his ability to be empowered through obedience to the Father. This key is key! We are made in the image and likeness of our Creator. Never belittle the creation that you are in God. Follow the example of Jesus and set for yourself some personal empowerment goals. You can start with the Six Days To Wellness guide. 
4 – Here is a key that is going to freak the introverts out! Jesus was actively engaged in social events. He was a master at relationships. From meeting people at public wells, to wining the marriage party, he knew how to rub elbows with people from all levels of social strata. The happiest people that I know are social people. Those that are having emotional issues, need to follow Jesus out to the coffee shop. Set yourself a goal or goals to be more social. Develop your personal relationships. Do you want to be like Jesus? Then get out of the house and go socialize!!! 
5 – The last and most important key to living a happy life is the key of setting goals for developing your spirit. Jesus made it a habit to rise up early in the morning to go commune with the Father. He never neglected his spiritual life..never. It is key to having a happy and successful life in Christ. Set yourself a goal to meditate on the greatness of your Heavenly Father as well as pray to Him on a regular basis. Jesus chose the early morning for a reason. The first-fruits of the day is the best to be offered to the Father of all creation.

Be Happy Like Jesus

There you have it! 5 keys from the example of Jesus. The keys that allowed him to operate in the Christ-hood and be happy and joyful, thus have success in all that he did. Jesus laid down his life for the conclusion of the sacrificing for humanities error, so that we can freely take these keys and live. When he said, “IT IS FINISHED,” he had to have felt great satisfaction of a life well ordered and well planned. He not only died a happy man, he arose eternally happy. JESUS LIVES!  Want to live a happy and successful life like Jesus? Then give your life to the order of Christ by following his example.

After being born-again in Christ:
1.Set physical goals.
2.Set financial goals.
3.Set personal empowerment goals.
4.Set relationship and social goals.
5.Set spiritual goals.

Make your goals come alive by setting dates on them and making yourself accountable to someone you trust. Be sure to write them down in an a way that is easy to follow. I promise you that your life will take on new meaning and you will have energy coming up and out of you like rivers! Your youthfulness will return as you move forward into the pattern of life more abundant! 

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor,

Pastor Rob

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