It’s Time To Face The Facts

Either your God is alive and performing great feats in your life or he is a false god that is dead, created from your imagination. The REAL God has declared that nothing shall by any means harm those that are His true children. The Real Jesus told us that nothing shall be impossible for us that believe. Ask yourself this pointed question: Is the one that I’m praying unto answering any of my prayers? Be HONEST! The time has come to be straight with yourself. Have your created a god in your imagination that fits what you want in a god, but has not demonstrated any of the miracles spoken of in the history of the body of Christ?

Sickness Doesn’t Exist In God’s Dominion

If the Real God has all power, how much power does that give to Alzheimer’s? How much power does Autism have in God’s children’s lives? If NOTHING is impossible with the Real God then why are so many Christians struggling with issues of life? Seriously, it’s time to be real with ourselves, concerning the God that we have given our souls. 

Holy Spirit or Holy Spoof?

When we receive the Holy Spirit there should be an empowering to overcome everything in this life. The Holy Spirit is the SAME Spirit the Jesus Christ had within himself and empowered him to do all the great miracles. Did Jesus struggle with sickness in his body, mind or soul? No, of course not. Did Jesus allow the Holy Spirit to lay dormant so he could fall prey to all the fears and anxieties of humanity? No, of course not. Has the true Holy Spirit lost any power in the last two thousand years? No, of course not. I gotta be honest here, many are full of the Holy Spoof. They have not changed very much at all since receiving the Holy Spoof and they have little to no power in the spirit. 

What To Do???

Get real. Seek the REAL and LIVING GOD that empowers his people to be conquerers! Release all sin, sickness and disorder, including the false notions of dead deities that have no power in our lives. Cry out to God to WAKE YOU UP! Cry out to God to know who He is and who you are in Him. Don’t take any flack from anybody about your pursuit of holiness. Don’t fret over those who don’t understand how you can turn water to wine while all they can do is whine. God is REAL and wants to reveal  himself to those who will be honest and clean before Him.


The TRUE and LIVING God will empower you to LOVE everyone as yourself. You will be released from ALL condemnation and guilt. The True God will speak to your heart and soul constantly in waves of mercy and grace. You will “KNOW” Him and “FEEL” Him in everything you do. He has promised us to be with us forever and give unto us the desires of our hearts. Lose the dead god that leaves you in any form of sickness and approach the LIVING God in your prayer and meditation with anticipation of the supernatural!!! GOD LOVES YOU!