This past week I could have really used a big ol cup of coffee with a sloppy splash of encouragement. I switched to decaf, thinking I was taking in too much caffeine and let me tell you… the week seemed like I was enduring my last few days, very dark days.


I found myself crawling from room to room, trying to get the house cleaned looking up through a very long tunnel- never found my energy all day long! At times I would question: Why was I even here? What is my purpose? What am I going to do ALL day long? It was hopeless.

I know I’m loved by the King of ALL Kings.
I know I am here to serve God, I have a purpose.
I know I have a life to lived to the fullest!

Even though I knew all the right things to say to myself, I wasn’t going to find the direction and inspiration on my own.

This morning after making a REAL cup of joe I snuggled up in a blanket and read my bible. Thankfully my son slept in just long enough to get this Mama’s morning started right in the word and a sweet conversation with my Heavenly Father.

I was able to listen to my Daddy’s Votional #3 and he spoke about joy, peace, and righteousness. Very refreshing, encouraging, and guided me through my prayer as I had my heart set on those three words. I prayed a protection over my husband and over my son. I asked for supernatural understanding, along with joy, peace, and righteousness as I prepared myself for the day in Him (Obviously my prayer time consisted of more than that, I tend to rattle on for quite sometime before it’s time to be quiet and listen).

After getting that extra time in the morning to prep myself spiritually and mentally, it made all the difference, and no it wasn’t just the coffee talking. But the coffee did help get me up and moving at a earlier time to harvest some ripe wisdom. Even after my son woke up and we went through our morning routine, I started cleaning up his room (rearranging really, I think I might do that too often!), I had some worship music playing and Psalms 33:3 put a perfect theme to my attitude.

“Sing a new song of praise to Him;

play skillfully on the harp, and sing with JOY.”

Psalms 33:3

In those times of questioning my reason for being here, I continue to praise His name. Along with not having coffee, I wasn’t feeling well, another reason for no motivation, but I knew God was in control. I still remember the sound of Him saying “I am here” when I was going through a time of spiritual growth, a time I was required to fully lean and trust in him. He is always there even when we might get caught up in the confusion that the world can leave us in.

Today is a new day! Today I choose to praise his name no matter where my emotions take me. He is my constant, my rock, my Father.

Wanted to share this today in case there is someone else out there needing some weight taken off your heart. Not everyday is fabulous, somedays we need some good coffee and a hug. In the end we are all here for each other to stay inspired, children of God with a mission in life!

Please spread some love in the best way you know how!

Ideas For Spreading Goodness:

1. Buy a someone a coffee. Friend, coworker, or even a stranger (She has gone and lost her marbles). 

2. Make some baked goods for a neighbor. You little Martha Stewart, you are rocking that apron!

3. Pray a blessing over someone. They don’t even have to know you’re praying for them. Simple but sweet!

What are some things you like to do for others around you? Share so we can have more ideas to to put others before ourselves!

Love you all,

Kami Alise

Kami Alise is a gifted writer and a HUGE inspiration to many.

Mountain Eight is blessed to have her on our team!