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Quote Of The Week

Ask and you will obtain it.


Jesus, I’ve been asking and asking and still haven’t gotten my G-Class Mercedes! What gives???

Did you know you can ask for something and not really ASK? Asking is more than opening your mouth and voicing a want. Asking that gives results has a foundation that will support the request. You want a Mercedes? Are you willing to build yourself a budget and strive for the request? Too many people today want an easy road without much commitment. How committed are you to making a goal to get what you want?

In 1953, Yale researchers conducted an intensive study, where they interviewed the graduating class just before they left school. They asked the students a series of questions, one being: “Do you have a clear, specific set of goals with a written plan for achievement?” Interestingly enough, less than 3% of the students answered “yes.”

Then, 20 years later, in 1973, the researchers went back and interviewed the surviving class members of the class of 1953, to find out what their lives were like. They noted that the 3% that had written their goals for a specific plan seemed to be happier and more well-adjusted than the others. Of course, that is subjective. But they also found that the 3% group was worth more in financial terms than the other 97% who did not have clear goals.

We should be asking for Jesus to help us set GOALS!!! Sound boring? It can be boring in the beginning of planting a tree, but later on it is great when the fruit is produced.

Since we understand that Jesus is no longer our cosmic vending machine, we look deeper into what WE NEED TO DO to obtain our requests.

🖋  Write your goals down – seriously write them down now! When you write down your goals a number of things are going to happen. You are engaging your whole person to think, write, and see what you’re writing and have it in in your hands. This is a powerful medium. Writing is what has given us the Bible and many other useful tools of life.

❓  What is your reason for asking for your particular item, person, or situation? You must know WHY you are wanting and asking. This is the drive behind your desire. Be certain that what you want is in the perfect picture for your life. This is your ultimate life design of abundant life. Why do you want it? What will happen after you obtain it?

👊🏽  Keep your GOALS alive! Constantly remind yourself of your goals and how to obtain them. We ask…We seek…We Knock and don’t stop until we have what we have asked to obtain. Never accept excuses that your brain will try to use and stop you from getting everything you ask for in prayer.

Imagine your life with a perfect design of getting what you want! This is the life that Jesus came promoting. He wants us to live in health and abundance of life in Him. Your Creator desires for you to be strong and be able to be strong for others! If you missed my blog on 5 Shifts to Health, Wealth, and Happiness you can catch it here 👉🏽 I NEED 5 SHIFTS

I am your help-line if you need assistance. Click on the Contact link and let’s work together. I will bring all of my resources to the table to assist you.

-Rob Schreckhise / Author of The Great You.